Mirror Work Explained

Mirror Work Explained

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Dear Friend!

Mirror work has several applications. Most important of them is the connecting with the Source for a two-way communication through your inner self. For the mirror work to be effective its working has to be de-layered. This tells you the steps and entities that are involved. The detailed process of mirror work in itself is self-explanatory for the necessities of the mirror work. Knowing the intricate specifics and particulars lets you know where have you been stuck, why has mirror work not worked, where do you need to make changes, what is the real reason for the difficulty level in doing mirror work and what is the reason for the fear in doing mirror work.

You see your reflection in the mirror. You look into your eyes. This is the connecting point for the communication. The purpose of mirror work is to eventually establish a connection with the Source. The Source is connected with your higher-self as your higher-self has a part of Source when it comes on the planet. When you look into the mirror you meet a version of you and not your higher-self. There is a layer of opinion from the world about you that you have chosen to agree and accept. This influences the version of you that you see in the mirror as your reflection.
This is where resides all the issues, fear, conditions and/or limitations that you have formed or adapted about yourself. This is where you get stuck.
While doing mirror work if you encounter, challenges like rejection, noise, counter-question, negative interfering comments, anger, fear-based replies or comments then you could now know that you need to begin to make changes here. You could now know what changes to make. And to make those changes here.  This is your
world’s version of you as per you that you see as a reflection in the mirror. That is every time you address your world you receive a reaction of this kind. This has been programmed in your mind, as your world’s version of you based on your world’s impression of you, this is your world’s reciprocation to you and/or your world’s reaction to you. When you refuse to quit here and continue the attempt to connect, it is here that this opinionated image starts to diffuse and then you start to connect with your higher self. As your higher self is connected to Source, you get to know what the Source is trying to tell you. The Source is continuously talking to you.
So your connectivity with the source increases, the meaning of which is that your ability to hear the Source starts to get better and better, through you.

Mirror work.
To start the mirror work, set an intention to get clearer in your connection. Keep yourself hydrated. Remember to breathe. Look into your eyes, greet yourself. Talk to yourself exactly as you wish to be addressed or spoken to that is with love and respect. Converse with yourself in a regular manner. Do not just show recognition when you need answers and do not abruptly stop a conversation as soon as you receive an answer or if you get distracted or if you get upset with the reply. Converse with yourself as if you are talking to your most favourite person. Even if you catch your reflection you could show acknowledgment of its presence and existence by small greetings or by a gesture.  Decide on spending time with yourself in front of the mirror for a meal or a coffee. Feel the presence of your reflection when you do so.
The regular practice of mirror work will help clear up the image you have of you and replace it with affirmations that are non-limiting in nature.

The versions that you see as a reflection and the ones you do not directly see are all basically the vibrational versions of you.
The vibration of the immediate reflection varies depending on the viewpoint, judgment, and attitude at that point when you make the attempt to connect.

Your connection with source starts to strengthen and the communication established provides answers to life situations and action steps to manifest desires.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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1 thought on “Mirror Work Explained

  1. IAD Life Post author

    Dear friend!

    This had to happen, the scientist in me had to surface. This is the best schematic representation and explanation of mirror work. It was never that straightforward. Instead of going into self-blame and dismissing this miraculous process, delayer it, find out and solve where you are facing blockages. Enjoy magical results.

    You deserve your support.

    Thank you and best regards
    Reena Yadav, IADLife


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