hope and the FAITH

The Connection between HOPE and FAITH.
In Low Vibration Masqueraded Form Of FAITH Is Hope And The True Form Of HOPE In High Vibration Is Faith.
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Dear Friend!

In Low Vibration Masqueraded Form Of FAITH Is Hope And The True Form Of HOPE In High Vibration Is Faith.

It’s the math or calculation of statistics.

The pulley that keeps you from getting consumed into the whirlpool of low vibration is hope. To understand this, you need to understand what happens in the low vibration. This is the place where you are energetically low. The feelings that rises are low vibration feelings. It could be fear or anger or any other feelings associated with either or both. In this space your thoughts and actions reflect limitations. Your willingness to change is at its minimal.

How do you or did you get to this low vibrational space?

Very gradually.

You were high vibrational being when you came on this planet. It has taken circumstances, incidents, influences, people, experiences, situations to get you acquainted with low vibrations. Once you got introduced to ways the low vibrations is conveniently used in life, you too started to involve them for some shortcuts to save time, heartache/hurt, rejections. Before you know it, it becomes part of your reactions and actions, and you found yourself using low vibrational actions more often than you anticipated. In your low vibrational space you critise, blackmail, back-bite, fight, argue. These are non-solution based reactions. These clouds your judgment, decision making, and your next step. Here you don’t see any chance and scope of prosperity. There is restlessness. Here the way forward has lost its visibility due to the murkiness of what is your impression of the situation and the steps that take you back seems endless. Thoughts and actions of routing for others to fail and self-harm happens here. Contemplation of suicide occurs here. Depression is this and is found here.

At this point and at this place, it is the HOPE that keeps you from getting further sucked in. It is the hope that devises a movement towards the higher level.

When it reaches the surface from where the high vibration starts, there is an inner knowing, evidence, willingness to change and prosper, a promise to be more creative. Here resides patience, calmness, excitement, and fun. Here is limitlessness, bravery to explore, open to allowing all that is new and novel, and accepting all as being your highest good. Here, what keeps you here and in the now, without having seen or experienced the beautiful future is FAITH.

All throughout your journey on this planet you go through your highs and your lows. But, you are never abandoned or left to handle life situations on your own. An option and a choice of a better life, of a life of change and forward movement from what is not working to what could work, always exists.

Moving forward or getting pushed forward on your healing journey when you don’t have much of motivation is due to hope.

When you reach a place where motivation is real and acceptable, the seamless transition from low times to high times happens and the strengthening of HOPE to a more permanent FAITH takes place.

In life, hope ACCOMPANIES you in the transportation from lower vibration to the higher vibration where you MEET its high vibrational version and that is faith.

How to recognise hope and faith?

It is thus about having enough number of experiences of self or others that can be counted and have made an impression on your ability and willingness to decide and differentiate what keeps you on an upwards movement and what keeps you from drowning in non-effective life situations.

It is the hopelessness that makes you quit but it is the hope that keeps you from doing that. As there is more evidence of its existence, its effectiveness, its value, it becomes more permanent and is recognised as faith.

Where there is faith there is no space for worry, fear, doubt or guilt. What does exist in this space is to power through the unpleasant times more rapidly towards the next moment, situation or phase because you know it is beautiful and happy.

That knowing, keeping the wonderful times and experiences in consideration is faith. That possible knowing when situations have been dire is hope.

In faith, you route for people to win and you self-love.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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