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Valuable Investment

Your most valuable investment is your vibration.Valuable Investment
IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

In your spiritual journey your largest, biggest, your most valuable, and most reliable investment is going to be in your vibration. Invest all your resources to be at a good to a higher vibration.

When you are at this level of vibration, every creative idea completes beautifully. Your desires or something higher manifests wonderfully.

When in higher vibration both your creative ideas and desires attract right ways and means that bring it true. At this level of vibration, you have good energy in you. When you are working on them you have great life-enhancing experiences and you are able to notice the distance you have travelled from where you were and how far you have come. Every moment, incident, experience is either reward or a learning. Both are your achievements and accomplishments. Both have your approval easily.

You receive them with love, respect, and joy when they come to you. You enjoy the manifestation and it adds pleasure to your life.

When received in low vibration, which is the aftermath of the worry that you had about the manifestation, one of the following may happen, (x) you may not be happy with the manifested version of desire, (y) what you have manifested may leave your space, (z) even with your manifested desire in your space you will not be able to enjoy it as other aspects connected to your life will keep your worry quotient high.

At higher vibration delays is preparation time. At lower vibration delays are rejections and questioning your deservability.

At higher vibration, your healing is at an expedited rate. At higher vibration your health is at its best, you breathe easy, your organs function at their optimum best, stress and tension is low. The reason for that is you have good blood circulation so oxygen reaches every part of your body including the brain.

At higher vibration, you easily connect with the Source, Universe, Angels, Guardian Angel. The communication is two way at the higher vibration. At Lower vibration getting the messages is tougher or not possible.

Life is meant to be co-created with co-operation. Your support is the higher energy source that you are willing to believe in. You will be guided. As per your willingness, you will receive and understand the guidance. The guidance is on the action steps. Taking these actions is your call. Based on individual understanding you take the decision. Many times you get it right. Sometimes you stray or take a slight detour. Life is actually that straightforward. You ask the question to the answer you seek and you are guided to get that answer. This gets clearer at the higher vibration.

At lower vibration you catch the fear-based messages, which are demotivating, they scare you and are absolutely untrue.

Your introspection in the form of your intuition is clearer at a higher vibration.

How to be in high vibration? Do all that gives you relief and happiness. Have you gotten ready for an interview in a professional life or a date in personal life or a party? You prepare yourself with the right conversations, you want to look your best, you want to be your best. You have all the questions clearly written or you remember, you take shower possibly a salt water bath a day and dress in what makes you feel good, you smile and keep your morale high. It is practice. Do it regularly.

When you arrived on the planet you arrived from higher vibration. As your understanding grew you got loyal to the caretakers who became influencers of worldly reality and your way of life. Your vibration changed according to that. It is time you realise the value of high vibration and invest your time, energy, money and willingness in keeping it high.

Affirmation: Day by day my vibration is getting better and better in every way.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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inspiration beyond blockage

Your Inspiration need not last until your last blockage.

inspiration beyond blockage

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Truly the most pivotal decision made when comes the crossroads, to quit or stay on. There are several supporting reasons for you to keep moving forward. There, however, is only one reason to quit and that is, you don’t see staying as your only option. Either way, it is only your choice.

You are walking a path. You meet a blockage. You meet a few or series of them. The blockage is an assembly point to review to go or not-to-go on your path. The blockage that has most convincing arguments on the not-to-go, is the last one you encounter for that work, project, phase or goal of life.

The blockage is there for many reasons, they steer you towards the direction you need to go rather than the direction you were going. It is a reminder or a wakeup call that something is not aligned either in vibration, direction, resources, or learning. It is temporary, slight and subtle means that stops you to reassess all the steps and experiences.

Keeping the blockage from becoming permanent is your responsibility.

How you view this blockage is up to you? What influences this viewpoint is the knowledge of past experiences and instructions from yours or others. If the blockage manages to substantially trigger this ray of no-hope, and you are willing to succumb to that then, only sign that you see is the stop sign. So this becomes your last blockage. And this is how far your idea, project, work or goal lasts.

In case you choose not to get convinced by the not-to-go point or succumb to the temptation of relief that you would get to enjoy in case you do not go forward and instead you decide to go to the original initiator of this. You look for reasons to stay and going forward. You look for the reasons that inspired you initially. You let go all the reasons that sounded easy and in your favour and but truly were not.

Your safety is a must. If the blockage indicates or takes your attention towards an imminent danger and you are certain that your security will be affected then, please do stop.

Even if you have stopped for some projects in past then, you could still have a chance to choose differently or to re-visit your earlier choice.

As soon as you get inspired. Or you sense an idea or a guidance towards a certain direction or path or project, you are all pepped up, full of enthusiasm and energy because that is the effect of the inspiration energy. On your way to achieve your goal, the moment you see or experience the first blockage or difficulty, you start to slow down, renege or altogether stop. You need to be reminded of the inspiration energy, how it felt, what aspirations contributed to your forward movement. In parallel please be aware of the blockage. What fear based words and thoughts persuaded you to walk away from your path. There is no blockage(s), that have appeared by chance or because of your mistake. It has a purpose. Find it. If you can get clear about the action steps then, keep taking small steps or reform earlier steps. But, please do not quit. Continue. On your way forward when you face another blockage that is unpleasant or demotivating, you need not change your mind or stop yourself from following what initially inspired you.

Keep surging forward. Blockages are saying something. Listen to the blockage, thank it, apply it if required and move on.

Your inspiration needs to last beyond the blockage.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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True Observations

True Observation and Experiencing Happens In Absence Of Fear.

Fear impairs observation and keeps you from experiencing.


IADLife Blog:

true observations.jpg
Dear Friend!

Case Study: During turbulence in flight K was just waiting for the time to pass and was praying that it gets better. K remembered the Robert Reeves Peaceful Protection online course that she attended. She choose the method in which she prayed to God and Archangel Michael in words, as her hands were clenching the seat handle. She requested God and Archangel Michael to clear low energies from in her by the divine vacuum pump of Archangel Michael pulling all the low energies from within her through the crown chakra and then shield her with purple light. She vizualised the low energies being pulled out from the top of her head and purple bubble being formed all around her. The turbulence continued and her discomfort did not end. She started asking what is needed to be done, to end what she was feeling. She was very much in a hurry to get rid of the anxiety that she was enduring. She applied another method, now she prayed to Mother Earth to suck out all the fear-based energies from within her and take it to the hot inner core of the earth to destroy it. She vizualised that all the fear-based energies were being pulled from below her legs and being taken to the center of the earth. She felt her nervousness started to come down. This motivated her and she now decided to combine both methods and within seconds she started to feel light. She realised that one of the reasons the releasing and letting go of the low energies was difficult because as soon as that was being done in her and she was replenishing herself with divine fresh high vibration energies, these would go to the co-passengers and she would be depleted of them again. As a result she was not feeling the energy she was taking in. So she added another method in this process and requested that the same help be given to the co-passengers who are willing to receive this support. She was aware that the willingness of an individual is very important here so, she mentioned in the prayer that if in case anyone refuses to take the help then, may it go to all who are willing to take it in easily, including herself. This had a miraculous effect. She instantly felt calm. Her grip on the handles loosened and she rested her back on the back of the seat. As she relaxed she thanked all entities who participated and helped her. She looked up and observed the seatbelt sign and all the other writings and number and structure that was lit up or visible and the light music that was playing in the aeroplane. As soon as the seat belt light was switched off her hands went to her seat belt. She opened them to get up from her seat to go to the bathroom. As soon as she entered the bathroom she heard hard repetitive knock on the bathroom door. She heard the air-hostess requesting and suggesting her to come out immediately and get back to her seat. K got out and she started to walk towards her seat. She was calm and as she walked in the aisle she noticed the plane was slightly swinging from side to side, she saw her co-passengers, some with eyes closed and some holding the seat belt or handle, some looking irritated, some sleeping. She noticed the sky, the clouds, Sun rays through her window as she moved in to occupy her seat. She then noticed that the seatbelt sign was back on again. She was pleasantly just in the moment and distinctly noticed the absence of fear.

When there is fear it blocks your visibility and keeps you from observing. When there is anxiety, stress or tension you are not enjoying the moment as you are worrying. All the energy and attention goes to the thoughts that are connected to fear.

You may not realise that you are in fear and when such a situation that triggers fear arises, you close all your senses and want to wait it out. You postpone joy, fun, enjoyment, celebration, and recognition of achievements to later. When the fear-based situations pass, you spend your time dealing with the repercussions of what you have done to your body and mind by worrying and getting tense. So you don’t get to enjoy even then.

The reason K was in the present was because she acknowledged her fear of the situation and took steps to release it. She observed, she experienced and she remembered beyond the fear after the turbulence ended.

You too could apply what K used, to let go fear. Or use any other method. Be mindful of being in the present. It is always the fear that keeps you from being there. It takes you to future hypothetical scary result. Being in the present is informative as you are able to see clearly and make honest note of what is actually going on around you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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why forgive

Why forgive?-Wednesday Why?

why forgive.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Why forgive?


Decide that you don’t need to. Let go the compulsion that you have to.

But be willing to know about ‘forgiveness’.

Forgiveness is a form of emotional de-cluttering. When you keep emotions that do not benefit you and not help you, in your space then you are actually keeping yourself from enjoying emotions that are in your favour. Forgiveness seems to be connected to low vibration emotions. This is because it helps in releasing fear, anger, frustration, irritation.

Forgiveness that you need to do towards a certain life situation, person, incident, experience, hurt, behaviour, characteristics remains in your space till you FORGIVE. When the forgiveness has yet to happen, anything remotely resembling these will result in an upsurge of all of the same or similar emotions. You could ask. ‘Why forgive?’, ‘Why de-clutter?’, ‘Why can’t I stay angry?’

The reason for that is two folds. (A) The low vibration emotions when remains in your space for a long time could be a causative reason for manifestation of physical diseases. (B) Not forgiving is stopping yourself from actually growing. For argument’s sake, you could ask or say, ‘Why do I need to grow?’, ‘I am fine just as I am.’ To that you could be counter-asked, ‘Are you comfortable?’ If the answer is ‘YES’, the persuasion ends right there. But, if you are curious why situations with the need for forgiveness persists and if you decide to make changes in your life then you will find this understanding about ‘forgiveness’ very important and beneficial to you.

So here it is.

You are responsible for your life enhancement. You are responsible for the wonderful experiences that you have been keeping yourself from experiencing.

You have been stuck in this place due to one aspect and that is un-forgiveness. Forgiveness is an action. This step could have been biggest and toughest step you would have ever done/taken. But then anything that appears big or tough is only so till you have understood, learned, applied or practiced it.

Forgiveness is not agreeing with these elements that hurt and declare that you would not like to have a repetition of it in your space and that you will not stay hung up on what has happened.

Forgiveness makes space for the new creative, loving, fun experiences.

Let go the fear of attracting situations that will require forgiveness. Knowing about forgiveness makes you aware and highlights all that requires your forgiveness in your life.

Not taking that step will keep making you revisit the hurts associated with anything that has happened or has an anticipation of happening. This fear will keep you from experiencing. You will stop yourself or anyone associated with you from experiencing. Stopping is limiting, it is not growth, not prosperity, not progress. That stop is in your space and not in the space of what requires your forgiveness.

Forgiveness is done by smart people. People who have willingness to recognise that a wrong has been done but there is still a way forward.

Forgiveness is achieved by various methods and/or processes. It is done by cutting cords, clearing your space and shielding yourself. It can be done by tapping/EFT. It can also be done by angel therapy, mirror work and/or affirmations.

The very first step in any forgiveness is self-forgiveness. The reason for that is that you are responsible for your life experiences. The moment you are willing to come to an agreement on that, you will see that you have attracted these experiences to learn, but the learning got lost because the hurt was too much. This keeps you in the same phase of your life. The only way you can move forward is by completing the learning. Sometimes the learning for the phase is forgiveness and to understand that you deserve a better life.

The next step in forgiveness is to set an intention that from now on you will attract life experiences that are of your greatest and highest good and you are enjoying them.

While you are forgiving yourself and forgiving external factors, also review if you need forgiveness from somewhere or for something. You could address it directly or could pray/affirm that ‘may whatever wrong that has happened from my side, be rectified and the other party has the willingness to forgive me.’ Before that it is a must that you introspect and forgive yourself, to receive approval and forgiveness from the outside factor.

Your moving forward will be expedited, desires will start to manifest and you will be able to give yourself permission to receive it,  your deservability is something you will be able to recognise. The blame, the self-criticism, the guilt stops.

Focus on working on forgiveness for all that has already happened thus, you do not look for new situations/experiences to apply forgiveness on.

Affirm, all that/who come in your space come to contribute in a wonderful manner and that you contribute to other’s space in a wonderful manner. In case you see the need to forgive, then use one of the methods of forgiveness. You are well equipped. You will be able to move forward. The period of un-forgiveness will become short, shorter, shortest and minuscule. Experiences that you will attract will be life-enhancing in nature, creative in nature, happy in nature and that exactly what you deserve.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Note : Thank you Priyashree B K for the question.

extend comfort zone

If you find it difficult to step out of your comfort zone then, EXTEND your comfort zone.

extend comfort zone

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

The term comfort zone is a misnomer. Think about it. It is used in conversations and sentences to communicate what is in opposition to the essence of the dictionary or conventional meaning of the term. It is mostly mentioned as a reprimand, satire, taunt, warning, and/or for attention directing and focus rerouting. Comfort zone is understood to be limiting, stagnant, non-creative and non-fun. This is associated with causing frustration, irritation, suffocation, and subduing.

Then, why be there. If there is no growth or life enhancements, then you could choose something different.

You have convinced yourself that the comfort zone is safe, it is known, it is ‘comfortable’.

Stepping out of this zone is fearsome of the unknown. What to do? How to do? How much of extension would mean that you have stepped out of the comfort zone.

What is it that you think is a comfort zone? Zone where you can put up your feet, relax and all that you have ordered is brought to you. Sometimes you are not able to receive what you have actually asked. Ironically, the reason for that is that the comfort zone and all that it denotes to you becomes your blockage to receiving. To fine-tune and align your receiving to what you have actually been expecting to receive, you will have to explore action steps that take you outside this non-productive zone. If you have been in the shelter of this zone for long then anything but this zone will be an alien, not friendly, not familiar area. Motivate yourself and not force yourself. Else, you will further shrink into your shell. To motivate yourself expand your comfort zone by getting familiar with the unknown and then take the step. Similarly, keep adding steps get friendly with the steps and keep going.

Use every reason to prosper.

Define your comfort zone. Now do one small step beyond that or take a giant leap of faith beyond that.

For example Suppose you wish to exercise and going to the gym is making you anxious, because of money situations, facing the fit people in the gym, lack of body confidence, facing the trainer/training regime, uncertainty of which gym to join, fear of (humans or animals) while going for walks alone in the street and/or because of time constraint. Now, instead of completely quitting and not exercising  decide to exercise for few minutes to start with and also, make a list of all the alternatives like doing yoga at home, walking or running in the house say around the dining table, doing functional training as part of the house chores or even in the bathroom.

Another example, consider your wish to go for a trip. Again instead of completely dismissing the idea because of permission issues, money issues, fear of traveling alone to an unknown or known place, lack of guidance and/or feeling insecure. Now, make a diary and in that every day write three to five points about your preparation of the trip, start with why do you want to go on the trip, how do you want to feel when you go there, then write an affirmation combing all these points, find and stick pictures of the destination, write about possible money arrangements, clothing, do your research on travel, accommodation and touring the place. See your confidence grow and your trip becomes a reality and before long, you will be preparing for another trip and/or advising others on taking a similar trip.

Another example is in dating, you could browse through the dating site or dating apps, create your profile. Here to start you could create a login, then start filling your details and photos gradually. If that is too much, then list the qualities you like about yourself in your journal and every day add to these qualities. Stay fit, energetic, groomed and sartorially ready. Do one or two things on this front every day. Be open to being asked out. Be ready. Very soon you will start getting close to actually going out on a ‘date’.

The point here is whatever you desire to do, find small comfortable and possibly little slightly uncomfortable steps to do. Keep doing it. Till you can get the confidence to step out of this comfort zone at any time in any area.

Because we are here to grow and prosper. Staying in one place cannot help. Extending and expanding our experiences, will be the only way to contribute to growing and prospering.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Begging is a form of ASKING


IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Have you been provided with a do’s or don’ts of a manual for the asking? Have you seen other(s) ask in a way that is not in the instruction manual ingrained in your mind? What kind of impression has this made in your mind about the ones who ask?

Has anyone ever irritated you when they relentlessly ask? While you, on the other hand, take a slight no or an anticipation of no from the body gesture or even a delay in reply as a refusal. Asking beyond their limitations is sometimes appreciated as limitlessness or sometimes is misconstrued as shamelessness.

When you are in a space where you need to get things for yourself then, the number of times you ask, the way you ask, the source you ask from, will be parameters whose variations are the means to, under all and/or any situations hold only one significance and that is to receive.

When you have had instructions, experiences, assumptions and conclusions dominating your space that dictates you to be self-sufficient, looks down upon dependency, directs you towards limiting actions, and curbs your enthusiasm to interact when the giving party shows less interest. Then, involving others in asking and revisiting the route where the results were less than expected is not motivating.

Who have you seen asking? What have you seen them receive? If you have seen or experienced rejections as a result of asking, you would rather forgo your need or give self-reliance a try. Is pursuing or being persistent in asking considered as rude, uncouth, uncultured or bold? What have you noticed about the appearance of such askers?

For those who ask with complete confidence, never give up intention, they convince the givers and win them with their high vibration asking. Asking in low vibration, with giving up attitude, projecting to be inferior to from whom you ask both in expression and appearance is also termed as begging.

If you have cringed, become sad, angry or just agitated when you have seen beggars that are poor, diseased, old or eunuchs and then, on every occasion when you have asked in low vibration you connect yourself with your impression of them. This stops you from focusing on asking. Instead, it takes your attention to all that you don’t like about asking and therefore you quit on acquiring what you wanted for which you were asking. When you are asked by these people, do you politely or impolitely refuse or give them? Your action of not liking them and snubbing them is because it is reflective of what they remind you of when you sense denials. But, why do you give? What could be the reason behind your action? Is it out of fear that you might be cursed if you refuse or guilt of having more than them or plain dislike for the pathetic state that they demonstrate or represent and therefore, to get them out of your space.

When you were growing up what was the treatment you received whenever you asked for something? Did you receive with RESPECT and easily and comfortably! Did you receive with contempt, disrespect, disgrace, and/or with difficulty?

If you find it difficult or painful to remember, then in asking, consider ‘asking QUESTIONS’. Notice how easily do you ask questions, clear doubts, take questions, and view others with questions when you are in conversations in office, with family members or even complete strangers. Is it a smooth experience or do you have to put in an effort and do you take scoldings?

All these are connected. Each time you are stopped or snubbed, you are limited. This limiting behavior becomes a ‘habit’. And thus starts your aversion for asking. Every time you see a beggar or encounter begging, all the limiting, insulting, saddening memories surface and are very hurtful. This keeps you from fulfilling your asking.

“It is safe to ask.” “It is respectful to ask.” “It is your right.” The asking and giving becomes easy, the moment you understand and acknowledge and register these and the reverse transformation to you becoming limitless begins.

Please note this very important aspect about asking. Your attitude in asking that is evident, visible and prominent towards others is the exact attitude you have towards yourself, the Universe and the Source. So if you take certain actions and gestures as rejections from outside then you have been applying, implying, and accepting, the same in the connections with self and Source. If you have it easy in asking with others, the same is the case with the self and the Source.

Now every time someone is asking something of you or from you, the next step or action is your CHOICE. Give money, advice, your presence/existence, food, gifts, and blessings or not give.

You are safe. You are respected.

Please ASK, because you receive only then but do ask in high vibration.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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all manifestations are alike

For the Universe, all manifestations are alike in absence of internal resistance. 

all manifestations are alike.jpg

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Of your desires which desires do you wish to manifest sooner or first? Why did you choose that particular desire? Did you weigh the parameters willingness to receive and your deservability to receive?

Your willingness to receive is further influenced by your preparedness to receive.

The preparedness to receive is readiness with which you could receive. The issues that are connected with the lack of readiness is the causative factor for the generation of level of resistance to receive.

Considering the ‘how’ of the manifestation of the desire is the Universe’s accountability, and your one and only responsibility is to clear all the roadblocks and receive with open arms and with a smile. The desire that was chosen, the one that you wish to receive immediately was according to the possibility of the manifestation of the desire which is how convincing that desire is of its manifestation. According to you, this would directly affect the manifestation of that desire. The biggest revelation in the metaphysics in the process of manifestation is that ‘for the Universe, the size of the manifestation does not matter.’ Regardless of how mammoth the desire seems to you the Universe has the capacity and efficiency to bring it true to and for you. There is no desire big or small, difficult or easy for your Universe. If you have the clarity in what you wish to receive then you can receive any desire immediately.

Some desire do have a gestation period, for those, you will get very sure and certain evidence of the commencement of the journey of the desire to you, that itself is the manifestation.

Over 300 years ago Galileo discovered the theory of free fall, a remarkable fact that “objects in free fall motion descend at the same rate, independent of their mass, as long as the effects of air resistance can be neglected.”

The Universe follows its law of manifestation in the same lines. It can manifest any desire within the same time span regardless of the size, kind and difficulty level. The only condition is that the receiving has to be in the absence of internal resistance.

This interesting fact then brings the whole discussion on efforts to eliminate of the resistance. When you realise and acknowledge presence and forming of resistance, it is then, that you can begin the process of diluting, diminishing or completely letting go of the resistance. The resistance could be because of your lack of preparedness, you questioning your deservability, you allowing outside factors to decide your desire and the lack in willingness due to all or any of these. The mere realisation of this astonishing reality will begin the novel step of deciding, understanding and delaying the removal of resistance. As the resistance is realised and the solutions are formed to counteract this resistance, you begin to see the manifestation beyond the expected timelines.

There are several techniques and methods to recognise and replace the resistance and frown with faith and grin. EFT/ tapping, meditation, mirror work, angel therapy, energy clearing and chakra energising are the methods to that give wonderful results.

As the resistance reduces the manifestation expedites. It is best when the resistance is removed completely once and for all. If the resistance is partially removed then even if you manage to manifest knowingly or inadvertently after releasing the resistance, you may get scared of the manifestation and what surfaces is the self-sabotage of the manifested desires. All that you have manifested you may lose or not enjoy it.

So now when you have a desire, then weigh the pros and cons of its manifestation. Check the for resistance. What is the level? Where does it reside in pros or cons? Work on eliminating them to clear the path of manifestation. Enjoy the manifestation.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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When CHANGE takes place, it is as if it was always meant to be. It is seamless and it gives so much pleasure.


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Change is undeniable, unavoidable, inescapable, and certain.
Change is a natural part of life.
Change is the only true rule of life. It is the only constant. It is continuous.
When you go through the tough situations there can be only two next steps to not to have those tough situations. One is to decipher or recognise your learning and the other one is to make the changes required or suggested after deciphering.
If you have ever been suggested to change a certain aspect of you or your life and it comes with a fear-based condition,  like ‘else, your life will not move forward, if you don’t do this.’ Do not ever believe that.
Your nails grow. Your hair grows. Your skin heals after new cells grow, the old epithelial cells are shed then fresh ones grow, your RBC/ Red Blood Corpuscles have 120 days of lifespan and gets replaced by new RBCs generated through hematopoiesis.
Life will most definitely grow and have a movement. The next phase in life will carry the unlearnt learning of the earlier phase, in the form of a pattern. It affects the next phase. It does not affect moving into the next phase but it affects the movement into the next phase.
Considering the movement in the next phase is mandatory, but can happen only at your pace and with your willingness. So, when you get aware of this and decide then, don’t try to dodge it.
In spiritual healing, change means replacement of the one that is no longer beneficial with what will be beneficial. Change is unique. It is in layers or in sequence that is one after another. Change is also parallel as it occurs in various life areas at the same time.
Change is never-ending. It is a process that goes on all throughout life. So please don’t get tired of it or use shortcuts to finish it off.
Accept change. Make implementation of change as part of your day by day routine.
The Change when takes place is so natural and so seamless that you would see it as if it was always there. It seems as a part and parcel of the on-going life. As if it was always there. Change that is beneficial gives immense pleasure. Each time ‘the change’ comes to your attention it has a pleasant vibe. This vibration aligns with your happy feeling that you had/have been associating with the desire on manifestation. This vibration aligns with your vibration of your true self that is one that aligns with the vibration of the part of source in you. Thus giving an understanding that it was always meant to be and it has always been like that. So let the change happen, because it will happen. Keep your vibrations high so that CHANGE contributes in your life enhancement. Let go stagnancy and let in CHANGE.
Make it fun. Celebrate every change that you notice. Rejoice and party on every change that you are directed, guided, nudged or pushed to accept.
Accept with love, do it readily.
Then change is seamless and gives happiness. Affirm that every change is for your greatest and highest good and be open to receiving it with joy.
You let go anything that is not useful. You accept the useful and that is the change.
The acceptance and allowing of change is directly proportional to the readiness with which you are able to let go. The resistance to let go is inversely proportional to the abundance experienced as a result of the change.
Recognising what change to make gets easier as your willingness increases. The smooth transition from old to new or previous to next moment is with consistent approving of the change. Little, big and tiny, large, change is change. Acknowledgement of change of all kinds will pave way to you seeing yourself as doing enough. This gives the feeling or vibration of fulfilment.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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