Fear and Conviction

Fear is directly proportional to your convincing power
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Dear Friend!

Convincing is an art and a skill. Getting proficient at that requires regular, irregular, disciplined, undisciplined, organised, unorganised, guided, or self-enthused practice.  You spend time, effort and other resources to get good at it. Regardless of how you have become so good at convincing what is of importance is its application and implication.

Ironically some use convincing for marketing and they see it as a most important tool for marketing.

However, the fact is the actual strength of marketing is in the knowledge, trust in the product and the intention of recommending, advising or selling the product.

Another important information that will support in understanding the level, strength, and intensity of the conviction is the experience. The experience(s) that you have observed and/or gone through yourself. Then there are influencers that further add on to the inclination of your conviction. Thus you can now see how you live and lead your life and carry out the activities in your life is based on your power of convincing.

Your respect, love, and faith in the product would suffice. So, convince yourself of what is useful, fruitful, beneficial, fun and creative about the product and that is all you will need.

You are your own product. You are constantly marketing yourself. And if you are convinced that your conviction will get you the best deal then get smart and clever, and convince yourself of having the greatest and highest qualities and market that to manifest your greatest and highest good.

But have you been doing that really or have you been taking the shortcut called fear? No doubt convincing requires the investment of resources. When your faith in the reservoir of the resources is low it is then that you use fear as a convincing point. Fear gets work done faster. However, the quickie method is never beneficial to you. Its detrimental effect is something that you notice either immediately or in the long run, but you most certainly will. You may have used this because you have seen this used by or on others and you have seen it to have worked. Eventually, you stop putting effort to convince using the high vibrational ways to get your work done. You rather resort to using low vibration ways that is fear based points to get your way.

The most mind-blowing flabbergasting aspect of this method that you have adapted to get through your life is that you still have your internal programming of convincing in place because of all the practice. And now what you do is you use your convincing abilities to support the fear-based points. With each rejection from self or external sources, you focus on increasing the intensity of the convincing of the fear because you don’t want to be seen as a liar or unreliable. You assume your prestige is at stake. So you have to bring your own self and everyone else in agreement with the fear you have been using all along.

Working for fear or out of fear becomes a convenience.

You can choose to cut this off now, this very second by knowing and acknowledging your authority over convincing. So now re-route your convincing towards all that is non-fear. Fear or anything that is fearful is directly proportional to your conviction that comes from your ability to convince. So now use the same conviction and your ability to convince towards everything make you happy and comfortable. Be it thoughts, vibrations, words, actions, and experiences. The determination and work are initially big as most of the energy required, is in redirecting. But because of earlier proficiency in convincing, you will pick up really fast.

Only thing you have to be mindful of is that it is towards what is beautiful and wonderful experience for you. You will also now start using the same convincing ways and means for and to others.



Best wishes

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