u r a WINNER

No one can make you a winner. You can be a winner only when you decide to be one.
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Dear Friend!

You are a winner as soon as you decide to be one. So decide in favour of you being a winner.

Are you still snoozing, postponing, slowed down in the name of self-doubt, unpreparedness, lack of energy, support, direction or resources.

Step Up and Step Out. Only you can take that step that embarks your journey towards being a winner. Rest of them can be your support system, along the way. This support system, however, cannot be the sole entity responsible for you being a winner.

You cannot completely be laden on another and expect them to carry you all through to the place where you will be called a winner. This is your life and the experiences are specially designed and customised for you and you can live it or carry them out. Your learning(s), your change(s), your progress, your solutions are all only yours. Stay put, don’t run, don’t quit. Finish your learning and move on to the next phase. You are born winner. You being a winner is pre-installed. So every time you do what strays you from the path leading you to be a winner then, you get uncomfortable. You will notice, it will prick, and it will hurt. You will also have people and situations in your life that would be pointing or promoting you to be a winner, depending on the vibration you are in. People and situations may be exactly the same or may slightly differ but the implication on you will be like two ends of the spectrum. When you are self-critical and sad ruled by anger and fear then people even if they are from your inner core group and situations that are mild or neutral will seem demeaning, misbehaving, subduing and harsh. For the same behaviour or action in high vibration from the same person or set of people and situation, you will see motivation, promotion, active support when you are self-affirming, self-respecting and self-trusting.

For example, the difference of understanding the same comment, for the same incident, for example ‘when work is not done’. In low vibration you hear blame, ‘you did not do this’, ‘you never finish what you start’, ‘you cannot be trusted with a responsibility’. In high self-confident vibration, you take the comment as, ‘really looking at you to take charge’, ‘you have such high potential, so you are being entrusted with this responsibility’, ‘great results are awaited from you.’

So if there is an interaction or encounter that has happened and was not so great for you then, you could revisit, reassess the situation and reconsider the reaction that you are willing to accept. Change your vibration and thoughts about yourself to that of a higher vibration level ones. Now approach the same person or people. Request for the similar meeting. Please be mindful of the other’s involvement, because they have to be equally willing. However, you deserve to give yourself the chance to change even if others decide to stay with the same experience. You don’t make other’s willingness an excuse not to change. What you are changing here is your direction. This direction is towards knowing and proving that you are a winner. All your actions and attitudes keep you pepped up, lively and energetic. Everyone’s comment is an uplifting response.

What you know and say about you is all that is the ultimate truth. You are comfortable. You see progress and growth. You visibly see the results that are prosperous.

You have decided that and you are making it happen.

When you derail, so to speak there is no one to blame.

When you are on the right track then, there is gratitude to and for all involved.

It is this onus that is making you being a super-winner, fun.

Every experience is only guiding, leading, nudging, even pushing or pulling you towards being a winner. All you have to do is to give in with trust.

If the situation is PLEASANT you do more of what you have been doing.

If the situation is not pleasant then choose to move or tweak what you have been doing. But under no condition, situation or excuse do you stay in the situation.

A winner always has a life that is moving forward. Only a winner can generate other winners.

Affirmation: ‘I choose to be a winner, I am a super-winner, everyone in my space is a super-winner’.

Thank you, winners, for the life experiences and support.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



Instagram: iad_life

Twitter: @IADLife


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