Why do you get blamed?

Why do you get blamed? – Wednesday Why?

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Dear Friend!

Healing journey has information, its interpretation, your perception, your individual understanding, your customised prescription for practice, and your observation of the results.

One of the major reasons for the slowing down of the healing process is miscommunication. The reasons for the wires getting crossed in communication is actually two. Both are equally important. (A) The first one is the compulsion to make the other person/party agree with your viewpoint, perception or understanding.

The compulsion to make someone else agree is out of anticipation of fear of rejection. This comes from the past experiences of not being able to convince and thus seeing yourself as a loser. As these experiences pile up your wish to push your idea, point or suggestion becomes more intense. Thus instead of convincing your points become argumentative.

(B) The second one is the pitch in which you convey your words. Pitch during the communication adds to the meaning. The pitch when high need not be insulting, pitch when low need not be respectful. The relevance of the pitch is what you make of it. If you have had past experiences that had voice pitch that was directly connected with agreement or disagreement, then you will place more emphasis on the pitch than the value of the words and emotional status in which these words are spoken.

Both are behaviors in/of low vibration. Both actions are either coming from blame or are intended to blame.

Blame is shifting responsibility to understand and the responsibility to support that understanding. This interestingly can be with self and/or could be with anyone other than self.

It is because of the lack of self-faith, that you have the capability to understand and that you can support your understanding is why you resort to blame. In communication you blame either as a habit or a strategy. Regardless of the reason for the relying on blame, the communication highlighted with blame is non-productive.

Every discussion has to be more about what you agree with and what makes sense to you rather than looking for caveats and shortcomings in other person/party’s information and understanding. Having the willingness to understand what is being conveyed to you either through your inner voice, feelings, intuition or external sources through person/people, Source, Universe or Angels, is a bonus.

If you want to know whether your way of talking is with blame then, notice this. As soon as a blame comes towards you, you sprint and you abandon all that connects you to the blame. If you are willing to change or if you don’t function using blame as means to address a situation, then you will either stay or re-visit the environment, incident, person, or people when a blame is hurled at you.

Why do you get the blame? Your willingness to change your life is the reason why you constantly keep reviewing your actions where ever you see the scope of enhancement. Interestingly, this plus you not trusting your divine or earthly support is what attracts the information in form of blame, accusation or hurt. When you want to change and you assume lack of support you assure yourself of the same. This makes change seem like a lot of work and therefore a difficult task. This type of change is the willingness to change in low vibration. Here your reactions are with anger and/or fear.

Your willingness to change itself is your golden ticket to bright and happy future. Be willing to move your vibration to a higher one during the process of change to attract information as praise, motivation, and healing.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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