move on to FORGIVE

The best way to forgive is to move on and focus to enhance your life.
move on to FORGIVE

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

The best way to forgive is to bring your focus to your life enhancement. Life situation comes with blessings and learning. Solutions are there for every life situations that require healing. Involvement of external sources brings you to crossroads where their willingness is an equally important condition for the next step. Although this is so, what is also to be known is that active participation and physical presence of the external sources is desirable but is neither mandatory nor is it necessary. You cannot rely on other’s willingness because it is really theirs and it is up to them to decide. You need not postpone your healing which is for your forward movement into the next phase of your life. You don’t need to wait or delay any aspect of your life. Do not while away your time because of this. Do not over think by recalling the incident or going over the situation again and again. Do not spend time and energy on what could have been or what if’s. Refrain from asking any disempowering questions. Ask an empowering question every time the thought of past hurt surfaces. Be willing to move on. Pray, meditate, affirm and ask, ‘what is the life-enhancing aspect that I need to see from this situation’ and ‘what next.’

It is, in your next step that all your unanswered queries and learning from the unpleasant situation, EMERGE. Take these answers and learning as a guiding point for your life from hereon.

This is the way to forgive and to move on and enhance your life. Forgive yourself and any other external factor(s) you think are responsible or have been the causative factors.

Is forgiving easy? How to easily forgive? Well! it’s all about your loyalty. Your loyalty to your life and its growth.

Do you want to stay in the situation experiencing being jammed, stuck, trapped? Hope not.

Do you want to be able to let go what you cannot change, change what you can and have the willingness to know the difference? The key to knowing the difference is in the co-operation of the parties included. Your first co-operation is required from you yourself. When others show reluctance to solve and thus not support you in forgiveness you need to let go. There are two types of relationships.    Dispensable and indispensable. The ones that are indispensable are the only ones that need to focus and effort on the solution. The dispensable ones are easy to let go. It is when a relationship you are in, is indispensable for you but is proven to be dispensable by others, is when you need to let go.

The lack of co-operation from the other party can bring the responsibility of solving the situation completely on you. So you now, do the forgiveness (i) by writing an honest letter but not sending, (ii) by making elaborate clear plans on what can be done next, (iii) by making clear list of all the attributes of ‘you towards them’ and ‘them towards you’ that you like and dislike. Be willing to change the attributes you did not like into what you would have liked instead. Affirm to attract the attributes that you truly liked. Focus on these. Never compromise.

By this process, you are presenting your changed self for the next step.

Take care of yourself, entertain and enjoy your present. Continue doing your everyday activity. Let you recognise your deservability.

There is no surprise if you are curious and wish to ponder over the incidents that have happened. Do that, however never ever give up on your schedules connected with your skill building, health, fun, friends and work commitment. You could make some alterations but all in all, support yourself in attending, being regular and sincere with these.

These situations will pass and new situations will come in your space. It is these schedules that will that keep you in the habit to generate and expect great results.

For future events please learn that it is the piling up of the unresolved emotions that cause these situations where forgiveness is required. Do not allow the un-forgiveness to stack up. Solve any un-forgiveness on a daily or weekly basis.  Do not shove it under the rug. Cut the cords. Shield your heart, solar plexus and/or your root chakra. Peacefully protect yourself.

In time you will forgive and forget the situation(s), people or person. And this is the best gift you can give yourself. Because of this, you will attract better life situation(s), people or a person.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

Twitter: @IADLife

Instagram: iad_life


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