do it NOW

Don’t feel bad, Don’t be upset, Just get started, Be willing to change.

do it NOW

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Yes yes and triple yes. You can just acknowledge and agree that you have done that or you have not done that. You are calling it a mistake. Accepted! Don’t need to beat yourself over and over again about it. What would you like to do now? Think about it, talk about it, discuss, solve. Now you have some idea what to do now and so just implement it. If you are still unclear, then take one step and that is, celebrate the acknowledgment that something needs to be changed. Many a time it is an inkling that something needs to change but putting your finger on that has yet to happen. Most certainly it is a focused task, that has to be accompanied with tapping and/ or divine help.

The moment the step is clear take it. Either partially or a complete step. The step could be journaling, planning, and/or creating a system. Remember to have motivational activities as part of the plan and steps. Know and believe that you can change. Say it out loud, ‘I am willing to change.’ Of course, you can do this.

You don’t see yourself making the change or you see change not taking place in your life. The only major reason is that you have yet to start. You get stranded as getting over the fact that you have made an error is a blunder in your books. The guilt and the anticipation of the punishment keeps you from taking that step. In case you have realised and understood the step to be taken and you have not taken it. Then, that is yet another mistake for you.

It is OK! The best part is you already know what to do. Please find the willingness to promote yourself here.

It is a myth that to take the step or to change you have a dependence on others. Diffuse the myth by delayering your action step. Segregate the sub-steps that can be done by you. How doable are they now? You will find that they are more doable than you initially anticipated. They are actually very doable. Please do not wallow in self-pity. Don’t let that or any other reason be an excuse to deny or delay you in taking your step. Cross every hurdle that is its way. To every blockage, every resistance, every difficulty, every confusion and/or every predicament that you think had been blameable or responsible for the procrastination, please be willing to wave goodbye permanently as you go past them and cross them.

The reason you need to advocate, cajole, convince, persuade yourself to take the action step and the reason you need to comply, agree, and actually carry out the action step is that if you don’t you may slip back into not feeling unaccomplished, not useful and not good enough. This is a precursor to taking hasty, non-productive, non-fruitful, not-logical step that you may further stick onto just to justify your action-decision. This could take a roundabout and bring you exactly where you had not taken the step you wanted to take.

Even now, take the step.

These action steps can be something small or could be a big leap. They could be a single step or comprise of many steps. It could be short term or long term. It could be an action with a temporary result or permanent result. It could be a one time step or require repetition. It can be you having to speak your mind to someone, buy that journal, making a payment due, moving that furniture, de-cluttering, reading a book, booking an appointment, make that sandwich or beverage, applying that cream, arrange for mediation, OR write that article or finish writing the book, watching a lecture or documentary, find that information, file your taxes, fill that form, make that call or go on a sugar free diet, enrol in the course or class you had decided, change a habit, apologise or forgive, affirming, meditate, go for the appointment you fixed. These are just some of the examples. It could be any action and many more action. Do not repent and waste your time trying to find out the why for the postponement. If you want to research on your life to know why because (a) it is your right and/or (b) not to repeat it in future. Then, do that but do this action parall’ey’ to the action step that needs to be taken.

Taking the action is the single most important and really really necessary next step.

So, don’t feel bad, don’t be upset. Just get started. Be willing to change. Change.

Take that step.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

Twitter: @IADLife

Instagram: iad_life


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