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Do not try to be better than others. Be your best.
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IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

If there is a competition, the components of a competition are the deciding body or judges, criteria that decide or weigh the points based on which there is an assessment, there is a winner and the rest are the ones that did not win.

Sometimes there is a tie.

Competition always comes with a comparison and an announcement or declaring of the better lot. When you compete what is your aim. Are you trying to do better than ‘x’?

‘x’ being the person, people or situation.

Then it will serve as a short sight. This will give you goals that are in accordance with someone or something else. You are valuing and trusting someone or something other than you. Competition does have short-term benefits. However, you get lost and stop yourself slightly or a lot, because of them, and that is a crime.

You understand and you convince yourself that your creativeness is evident because of the competition. But, what you are doing when you are in competition is re-discovering yourself according to others, curbing and channeling your growth according to others, and adjudging at par to others. You are looking at others while preparing or working on yourself. Your energy and focus go to others while you receive the less of energy and focus on your own self.

Competitions arranged in private and public forums are means to an end. What is your true direction? Decide that. Use competition as a way to get motivated or to get on track or to get disciplined. But, this cannot be it. A competition cannot be an end goal. There are definitely steps decided beyond that. If you have not done that then it is time you get clear about it. Where does the competition you are in or wish to enter, lead you to?

You could address the same question when you compare yourself to others.

But then again, why are you comparing? To feel better or to get better. But then this is apples to oranges comparison. Each of you is unique. Therefore, using others as a milestone is unfair to many and at many levels. That’s also an immense pressure. Trying to compete with others who you don’t know completely about nor will you ever know all about. You may not know all of their struggles, their plans, their hard work, their fall and/or their rise. You just chose to like something about their present outlook and decided to judge them and get close to their success or get better than them. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes has never been a great idea. As a matter of fact, you spend a lifetime trying to know your own self. Even then you don’t know yourself well enough.

What works best is when you focus on your own qualities, your strengths, your deservability, and most importantly your willingness. You give attention to what you wish to change, what you wish to enhance, and what you wish to add. Account your own resources and utilise them completely. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you already have in qualities on how much of your resources are already at your disposal and at your beck and call. It is all yours.

As far as the others are concerned, if you want you can choose to take inspiration from them, admire them or learn from them.
It is important for you to know, you do because you can do and you do ‘only’ what you can do.
You are exclusive and exceptional. And so are the others. But only as per the contents what is in each of yours and their’s space respectively.

Be your best, do your best and you shall always manifest your desires or something higher, for which you are trying to be the best.

Please do not underestimate, ignore or lose your creativity in comparison or competition. Criticising or feeling less is a no-no. Competition actually is not necessary. Observing, noticing, admiring and getting inspired by the other person or situation is all you need to do.

In your life, in your space, you can get better and be the best. Every single moment you are already doing your best. You could not have done any better. Right. Now, do better than that in this moment, if you are not satisfied. This will be your ‘new best.’ Set your landmarks and your milestones based on what you were or are and if you find necessary by learning from others too.


Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

Twitter: @IADLife

Instagram: iad_life

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