faith in the effort

Difference between desperation and passion is faith in the effort put in.

faith in the effort

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Dear Friend!

Difference between desperation and passion is faith in the effort you put in.

‘Y’, quietly gave a cursory look through the notes that she had been writing while preparing for the interview with the corporate as she waited in the lounge. She recalled something and she opened her laptop and made an addendum to the presentation. While going through the slides she saw the first few slides and smiled. It was about the genesis of her company that she had launched. It had been four years since she had started her venture as an entrepreneur. From all the experiences what she seemed to notice at that point was the calmness with which she was in the present. She was observing and enjoying the experience. As she waited she recalled her behaviour four years ago. She remembered for every project/product and the advertisement she placed for the sale, she would give time and attention to every phone call for the product. She would stay with the caller and answer all the questions and till the caller decided to keep the phone. For every interaction, she would invest all her conviction. She would get hopeful with every interaction for the sale of the product and if she was not able to sell the product she would slip into self-doubt and she would want to improve the product. All this was causing her stress. Even after the finished product in hand, she would keep wondering what to do more. She would ponder over what changes to make in the marketing. She became even more dedicated to adding points that would support the product and increase marketing. Then, as they say, one fine day while she was working on another project developing another product she realised how much she loved how the product was shaping up. At that point, she received a call from a prospective buyer as they had started advertising about the latest product under development. During the phone conversation, she made her points clear, answered the questioned and directed the caller to the website that had the other details. After the brief interaction over the phone, she took leave from the caller and finished the call. She went back to the task at hand and suddenly she stopped and had an epiphany. She was not nervous that she put down the phone too soon, she was not concerned that the buyer may not be satisfied with the information, she was not thinking after the call whether the caller/buyer will call back, or whether anything could have been done differently. She was not trying to please buyer or defend the product.

She saw the change she had made. Her behaviour was as per her passion for the product. Her faith in the work put in was just what was needed. She noted every feedback with confidence and every interaction on the product. Now with every prospective order she would hop and jump with a smile and go to the copy of the product that was her upcoming book, say thank you to it then take another similar trip to the mirror and she said thank you to herself. At present, while she waited in that corporate lounge she was with the similar faith in her effort put in.

The joy had overtaken the desperation.

This comes from the practice of making stress a part of your daily routine.

The habit of stressing comes from much before. When you have been living your life as per the schedule decided, influenced by or as per others then, your time, the decision what you do with your time is never yours and every moment is dictated by decisions made by others. These others were your influencers. These keep changing as per your phase in life. You define your plan of action based on them. You learn about stress too, from these influencers. They become your space fillers. Stress is expressed as an action called desperation. In this, you are always certain that something more needs to be done. So as a result what you do is you get into non-beneficial thinking that takes you to all that has not been done. When opportunities do come you see yourself as unprepared or product/project unfinished so you spend time and energy trying to build assurance around it.

You could sense that and be willing to transform that into passion by saying, knowing, acknowledging and appreciating your efforts. The one that was put in and the one that could be needed.

‘Y’s’ behaviour had started long before. She would not be confident enough to enter the examination hall if she was not revising until the nth moment. She needed that practice to get comfortable finishing a task and allowing herself to get engrossed in other activities. She had to replace stress with other activities as a process. This ultimately helped her to completely displace stress.

Stress and tension on an anticipated result cause the desperation and keep you from having enough faith in your efforts.

Do what you need to do then do other things.

Stress is a sneak‘er’, it has the habit of sneaking in when you are thinking about what more can be done in low vibration. This thinking comes across as doubt and not doing enough.

Be very aware and convert it into constructive thinking by always reminding and being grateful for all that is there, all that is done.

Your gratitude shows your acknowledgment. Your acknowledgment is faith. Your expression of faith shifts the energy to passion.

Keep that. Lead your action and tasks with this understanding. Then you will be able to express passion for your product and market your product with passion.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

Twitter: @IADLife

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