Good makes way for better

All GOOD things do come to an end. It’s true.  This happens to make way for something  BETTER.
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IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Everything that has a start has an end. Anything that commences has to finish. Person/People come in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Change happens. Allow it to happen. Do not fret or fume. You receive your experiences as a result of your asking. Not all of the experiences are a cakewalk. Not all change is within your comfort zone. Responsibilities may increases. The effort required could be more. Hours put in could get longer. Resources investment may need to be increased. Do not panic. Do not worry. Do not resist. Let it happen. It is the flow. If it does not flow, it may cause stagnation. This will cause accumulation of toxins in the form of emotions, physical dis-ease, or non-desirable life experiences. All of this causes delay in manifestation of greater good in your desire.

When you don’t like something or you find something undesirable, you will be more than happy to see the back of it. It leaving could be relief, pleasure or a puzzle. It is a puzzle when you don’t recognise what is leaving is or was really not that beneficial for you or that, it is no longer of much use to you or it is not in alignment with your vibration and deservability anymore. You might delay or deny its leaving.

You are in denial mode.

You might ask for it back. You don’t want it to go without a fight. Go ahead, give it your best shot. Reason it out. Do what you can verbally and physically to bring it back or to keep it from leaving. Putting in your best is your right. When the person or people are involved they have to be equally willing to be back or to stay. Having tried everything, when you see it finally leave, let it go.

But, what if something that is leaving is what you like, love, have been beneficial, pleasurable, fun, beautiful, loving and friendly. Here, of course, you will put in all your might to prevent it from going away. You will put in all your understanding of what could be done differently. You will try to convince or cajole your own self, that what is leaving or has left, the heaven above and the earth below and beseech it to stay.

You could go into self-blame or you would blame others. If it does not make sense to you at this point and you see something being taken from you without your permission or prior consent then, you could go through low vibration emotions and behaviors. Even after the begging, praying, name calling, scolding, arguing with self and others, it still does not stay in your space and leaves.

You now gradually start to make peace with what is happening, you calm down.

You are now getting into accepting mode.

Yes, it was good or it seemed good and it has come to an end or is coming to an end. This is also a form of de-cluttering in your space. By the divine and universal rule of de-cluttering, when something good leaves your space, the space or the vacuum created is for something BETTER to enter your life.

Get into receiving mode.

Receive it in a right way. Receive it in faith, with love, show respect, do actions that reflect acceptance and approval.

When the ‘BETTER’ is received in this way and manner you recognise its arrival easily, you recognise the enhanced level in everything from before. In quality, quantity, and in its usability for you. When you stay hung on to what has left, you may not notice what arrives. In this mood, you are far from recognising its benefits. As a result, you don’t notice, experience and therefore you don’t enjoy the presence of the next or new.

What takes the place that is the replacement of what has moved, left or gone could be (a) something which was in your space from before but you get a chance to notice it now and/or it could be (b) something that had left and is coming in a different or changed version. Either ways it is something better.

This could be a path, a habit, a behaviour, an opportunity, a relationship, an attachment, a project, or a resource.

Some may be easy to let go. Others may require more effort.

Take receipt of what goes in high vibration and this will be bearer for good tidings. Shift your focus on your willingness to accept. Only your better everything is awaiting after that.

Affirmation: ‘I am willing to let go what no longer serves my higher purpose, with love and respect. I am willing to receive and accept all that is of my greatest and highest good.’

Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034
Twitter: @IADLife
Instagram: iad_life

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