flexible or uncertain

It is flexibility only when you have a plan or when you have trust in the divine plan.
When you have neither there is uncertainty.

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Dear Friend!

You can be flexible only when you have a plan. Or, you can show flexibility when you have trust in the divine plan. When you have neither then, you have uncertainty.
Flexibility is all about not being stringent and strict. It is about allowing variation in manifestation. The form of the result, timing and the way it comes to you can vary from what you have decided or anticipated.

But, if you are flexible do you think that you are perceived as someone comfortable with whatever is granted to them. You are Ms./Mr. kool. Your needs, requests or asking are not considered with sincerity. And the reciprocation is not given priority. You are taken for granted. You are considered last or always next. Your experience suggests you being devalued.

Do you experience you being flexible is making you unreliable asker and receiver?

The following example will support in understanding this better. When you go to a restaurant and order (a) ‘You choosing the chef’s special.’ Here the decision making is shifted but you know what it is. (b) ‘You choose from the menu’ and allow variation in the way it is cooked. (c) You step in and ‘you announce/demand/feebly mention to get you anything.’

In the above examples, the attitude, behaviour, and action in ‘(a)’ and ‘(b)’, portrays you knowing what you want, you are aware of what you are asking and there is trust in the provider, but you are flexible in receiving. Your way of placing the order in ‘(c)’ shows uncertainty. You don’t know how to ask, who to ask and what to ask. This is because here you are totally unclear about your need or want. The level of uncertainty is determined by the depth of lack of clarity. Therefore, knowing or having clarity on what you desire specifically but being malleable to letting go the need to be stringent or strict about the result, is FLEXIBLE. This gives you the confidence to be open to that which could be beyond your perception of how much and what you deserve. A limitation in this knowledge is responsible for the lack of trust and thus causes uncertainty. When you gain lucidity about your desires in various areas to be of your greatest and highest good then, you feel safe and prosperous considering being flexible. For example, (I) in relationships, you are flexible to look for the attributes, feelings, vibrations, and contributions and not be attached to a person. If it is a specific person then you are flexible to move forward with grace in divine timing. You are flexible in the way this person comes in your life. You are flexible to change rather than be adamant about the other person changing. (II) In health area and for your health you are flexible to having a healthy meal instead of specifying particular cuisine, diet, meal plan and form of exercise. You will choose the one that helps you to achieve your goal. (III) In money area, you are flexible to receiving from known unknown sources. You are clear it is under grace and legal manner. You are clear that you desire to increase your earning, but you are flexible to means and time when that happens. You are flexible taking action steps to achieve that. Meanwhile, because of this flexibility, you are comfortable having money and you are also learning to increase your receiving in your space. (IV) In job area, you want to apply and use your qualifications and have a salary bracket you desire. You are flexible to other conditions like distance and type of colleagues. Another alternative could be that you are clear about what matters to you the most for example safety, experience, and life enhancement. You are flexible about everything else. You are not particular about the position, company, group.

When it comes to goal setting and desire manifestation it is desirable to be flexible but uncertainty is preferred to be avoided. When you have the clarity of your aim, a goal, desire you stop trying to control and regulate the next step or the path. You are flexible in accepting and your receiving is expanding. Flexibility can be fun, it has the curiosity factor of the unknown, keeps you calm, and channelizes your energy towards other creative part/aspect of the desire. Uncertainty comes from ambiguity. Let go worry and fear and trust the plan. Enjoy the flexibility. You will need a tremendous amount of trust.  Flexibility shows that you have faith and most importantly allows you to lovingly release your desire to the universe and not interfere with doubtful questions and allow yourself to manifest and recognise your manifestation sooner and in high vibration.

Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034
Twitter: @IADLife
Instagram: iad_life


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