Your reliability gauged on your will to stand by good and not-so-good times.


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Dear Friend!

Your reliability for various external factors reflects your reliability for the self and vice versa. Your reliability is gauged on your will to stand by good or not-so-good times.

Every brain has a fight or flight reaction or response stored in them. This is according to the primitive programming that is a combination of information stored in your genes and according to the memories stored in your amygdala.

Anything that makes you insecure about your existence will suggest to you to leave the situation that is the flight response.

For situations where you see a chance or a hope to make a difference either for yourself or for others is where you decide to stay, face it and make the change. That is the fight response.

Your flight or fight response or reaction has an intensity and has a type. It could be to something small or something obvious. It could be a gesture or look, an argument or physical touch, an actual fist fight or verbal abuse. These have an effect on your response or reaction. The intensity and type of the effect are not determined by the incident only. It is based on the many previous data from facts and fiction that have been collated in your mind from before.
For flight response, the incident has to be threatening to you enough to imply to you that it is jeopardising your safety in some way. Mind you it could just be an implication and not the real truth. In reality, you could be in no real physical danger. In fact, you would be far from being in danger and physically safe and secure. But what is physically so, need not be emotionally harmless, nontoxic, inoffensive, nonviolent or innocuous. What affects and thus determines your behaviour at that point is the mental advice based on what reflects to you being in grave physical danger. The only logical action that you see at this point here is to leave the space to be safe. Your understanding of the gravity of the situation also determines the speed of you leaving the situation. This action is the only hope at this point. Flight is only for self.

The similar reasons are responsible for you to not move and stay. You could be doing this for yourself or others. You could be doing that to prove, support, and change something for future events. This is the most valuable quality you would aspire to have in a support system.

It determines your reliability behaviour or reliability quotient.

Why are you reliable, who are you reliable to, what are the situation that suggests you to be reliable and where are comfortable ditching.

When you commit to someone to help, guide, support, or assist in some task or responsibility, what is the reason you follow through or what is the reason for you falling out.

On what basis are you deciding. Past information of course. Now, shift that decision making based on your present and the future you wish to affirm for. Take the responsibility for that shift. You will need to have the willingness not to quit while keeping yourself safe. You will need to behave in a way you wish to be with yourself and with others who are contributing in changing your future. Your behaviour can now by no chance be based on or because of external or other’s influence. You can still observe others and still make a resolution based on what you want your life to be.

Solutions are both in fight or flight reactions. Reliability is when the actions or fight or flight has been taken as an aim to find or for the solution.

Reliability is essential for life enhancement. Reliability is the key to trust.

If you cannot count on yourself then expecting others to be reliable to you or you to be reliable to others is futile. Of course, when other people are involved their willingness has to align with yours. In those situations you maintain your zest to be reliable that is towards to resolve the situation. If by any chance the other party does not want to participate and if they quit then, then reply on letting go and moving on. Because you are willing to move on. You are therefore, reliable enough to take care of the situation.

Your primary aim has to be for you to be reliable for you.

Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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