rolling stone effect

Rolling stone effect of affirmations is an uphill task but will lead you to high vibration. rolling stone effect

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Dear Friend!

Case Study: X just finished with her board meeting and it went very well. She was elated by the approval she received. She was a satisfied being. She could not stop smiling and hoping in and around her workstation. She came back to her desk and she started checking her emails. One of the emails was on a merchandise that she had ordered online. The email was information on the shipment. She continued to be happy. X went on to read the rest of the unread emails. She suddenly felt her eyes getting heavy. She thought a cup of coffee would help her keep her eyes open. She went to the pantry and got herself a cup of coffee. As she was sipping the piping hot coffee she realised that she was continuing to feel drowsy. She quickly checked her calendar and decided to go to the ladies room and lie down on the couch there. As soon as she put her head on the couch she went into a deep sleep and she started to see some scenes. She saw that she was in a room full of very aesthetic wooden shelves. Another female who she did not recognise was trying to press her face on her left side of the face. X realised she was being photographed and the other person’s nose was pressing on to her left cheek, and X was politely removing or moving her face away from her. X was smiling formally but remembered the discomfort. X did not like this lady in her dream or vision. She heard a noise distantly and forcefully opened her eyes. When X opened her eyes they were still heavy and instead of feeling refreshed she was still feeling tired. The sound was that of the alarm clock that she had set to get back to work. Still low in energy she somehow geared herself and headed to her workstation.

What happened to X was that she got into low vibration. Vibration is something that you emit. They get influenced by the energy levels. When the energy levels are low the vibration plummets.

Your fear and anger start to dictate all your actions and thoughts. All that is not working in your life starts to surface in the form memories and words. You become vulnerable to your own thoughts that are not good for you. Your affirmations become complain.

There are several reasons that you can go into low vibration. It could start with an unhappy conversation, thought or a memory and then there is chain of thoughts or internal conversations that follow and you suddenly realise you are in an angry outburst within your own thoughts. Another reason could be someone you have given access to your energy field or space is conveniently or inadvertently taking your energy away from you. However, for this your permission is mandatory.

You are constantly knowingly or unknowingly giving access to person/people without meaning to do so. When you think of someone either lovingly or irritably you open yourself to form an energy channel with them. Your energy leakage depends on what is the vibration of the other person/people. You experience low energy and thus low vibration when there is too much of draining of your energy without having a chance to replenish it. To stop this you can be aware of two important steps that you can do (a) shield yourself every now and then, (b) keep cutting cords with anyone in particular or in general. Additionally, you can keep asking for angelic help to clear your space of any low energies and take help from them to restock your energy.

X in her high vibration earlier that day was going through her mails and the merchandise mail connected her to someone else. But, because she was in her office and was doing other office things she did not pay attention to her fleeting thoughts about that person. She did not realise that she had opened the channel for the other person and thus lost too much energy. In her dream or vision that she got in her short nap was an indication that someone was trying to get close to her.

When you take these naps in low energy situation you get fearful or angry dreams. What you need to do is to use various methods and means to get back into higher vibration then take that rest. AFFIRMATIONS play a great role here. It is an uphill task but you can combine it with EFT/tapping and mirror work. If a mirror is not available then EFT or tapping on one of the meridian points while you affirm really works. If there is a possibility and arrangement of meditation then you could do that too.

Interestingly, sometimes you lose energy even to your loved ones if they are in low vibration. Then you can shield them yourself and them. This has been mostly seen to be a case between parents and children, siblings, lovers, or close friends. Instead of worrying about your loved ones it is advisable to cut your cords with them, shield them and yourself, take angelic help for the good of everyone involved.

Pranic healing is also used to clear, energise and shield in this kind of situation.

Low vibration is read in frequency. It is experienced in emotions, the effect is experienced on your body and at the energy level. It also has an effect on the thinking and body language. Heaviness in the head, upper back, low in energy, drowsiness.

Some don’t realise that they are in low vibration. Some want to linger there for some more time to find answers. But the kind suggestion is that as soon as you realise that you are in low vibration, start your journey back to your higher vibration. What begins to bring you back are your words. These are affirmations.

Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034
Twitter: @IADLife
Instagram: iad_life


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