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Why Journal? – Wednesday Why?

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Dear Friend!
Please enlighten us on how maintaining a journal on our desires can aid in manifestation! (Request from Mrs. Vinutha.)
To journal is to document. It could be by way of writing, typing and/or by video or audio taping. These are the various forms of journaling. Your mind is very efficient machinery that stores your data. Although the data stored is yours, the source of information could be yours or from others. It could be one that you noticed and one that escaped your observation. Your mind is also very obedient. It provides you with the information as per your instructions.If you have been saying ‘my memory sucks’, ‘it is a slow’, ‘it doesn’t support me when it is expected to’, consequentially, your mind takes that as a command or request. It will respond just as a sucky memory, will be slow and its support will never be enough.
In contrast, if you say that ‘I have excellent memory’, ‘I love my mind’, ‘I have a beautiful mind’, ‘I love and respect my mind’, and ‘my mind always supports me especially when I need it’, your precious mind will be exactly that for you.
Your mind has been compliant to you even when you were repeating what your influencers were saying, teaching, instructing, or guiding. That may not be what you agree with today. The re-instructing takes a bit of time, as the earlier directives were too deep-seated because of your trust in those influencers. When wonderful, beautiful, motivating, loving words are fed to your mind, you only see those as your truth, rest of the words pass unscathed. The same happens when not-so-beautiful or not-so-wonderful words were said to you. For example, when you missed answering in your exam, what were you told about your memory? If you said something that others did not agree or when you faulted in any way, what was told about your brain or mind? Have you been called a liar? Have you been criticised? Have your mistakes been blamed or directed to be a mistake of your mind?
Are you now willing to change because your present self would suggest you to?
Then, it becomes your responsibility to support your mind. You don’t challenge it, blame it, name call it, or get angry with it. You support your mind. Then see how your mind supports you.
The most efficient way to support your mind is to by journaling. You note down anything and everything, in anyway and every way. What you see, hear, think and understand. Your to-do lists, your dreams, visions, your ideas, your discussions, your viewpoints, your aspirations, and desires.
You can journal it in a decided, organized manner or just scribble it. It could be in detail or just pointers. Carry your recording device everywhere.
Adding dates and time is useful in the long run as a flashback, to tally or confirm information.
Journaling helps you see where you started and how far you have traveled. Journaling is the best way to recognise your blessings along the way. Your life’s learning is more evident and much more clearer when you are journaling in the most unbiased manner. This is the most truthful way to document/ store the evidence of your existence. You can decide it to be confidential and can be shared only with your permission.
Journaling helps in manifesting your desires. When you ask for a desire, you are given information that directs you to go where you can have it or what to do to receive it. This information has guidance that is in the form of pictures, scenes, symbol, and feelings. Journaling them helps in remembering them, delayering them, revising them, understanding them and following them. You get your subtle instructions in your observations. Journaling about your desires includes making a ‘done that’ and ‘have yet to do that’ checklist, noticing your experiences, and acknowledging all you are grateful for. Together they provide a clear stepwise movement towards your desire manifestation.
One manifestation helps you build your confidence in your future manifestations. Journaled data builds a roadmap and you can take supportive points from here for your next manifestation(s). Journaling allows detailed studying of all that you have done right to manifest. When you see your list of desires that you have manifested it builds your faith in yourself and your support system.
Sometime later, you can collate all the memories, learning, life experiences and publish it. You will be helping yourself and someone else somewhere who connects with your experience to build that roadmap to manifest.
It is actually a lot of fun going through your journal in retrospect. Your observation and your understanding is what you note. You see your evolution in your observations. You notice your growth in your understanding of your observations. You have super fun going through your déjà vu(s).
Journaling is practice. You need to JOURNAL regularly to get better at it and gain most benefits from it.
Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034
Twitter: @IADLife
Instagram: iad_life

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