Your presence and existence matters

Your presence, existence, and actions are an answer, guidance or reply to someone else’s question, prayers or query.
your presence and existence matters

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Your presence, existence, and actions are an answer, guidance or reply to someone else’s question, prayers or query.

Case Study: ‘Ei’ had finished writing the next chapter of the book that he so desired to publish. He had been placing the excerpts of his writing on the social networking sites to test the waters so to speak. He would intently wait for the response. His only way of knowing about the response, was when someone dropped in a comment or an emoji. That he wasn’t getting very many of. At this point as he was deciding on the paragraph of the latest chapter to share, he started to question, ‘do I really need to write this?’, ‘will anyone miss it if I stopped sharing these online.’ Less than ten seconds later he received a message as a comment to his earlier sharing. ‘Thanks for sharing these writings, I like them, I have been reading them and I look forward to reading your next piece. I have been sharing this with my friends and other groups as well.’ ‘Ei’ was thrilled and motivated at the sign of getting an answer to his question, from the Universe. His lit up eyes searched for the name of the sender. He did not know this person. She was ‘S’ an aspiring writer. The previous night ‘S’ came back from her regular office and sat on her new low-level coffee table that she had specifically bought to come back home and relax. She sat there sipping her coffee and thought, ‘what would it take to be a writer full time?’, ‘how to start, how much time can I dedicate?’ With these thoughts running through her mind, she switched on her mobile to check for the update. ‘S’ noticed that her favorite author had posted his weekly writings. ‘S’ thought in her mind ‘maybe I can write a small paragraph every day with my evening coffee on my new coffee table.’ It was the paragraph from ‘Ei’ that had inspired her to this idea. She read and forwarded the update to her usual groups and her friend ‘K’.

Earlier that afternoon, ‘K’ was in a crucial decision-making situation. There was a pattern that ‘K’ had been experiencing. She was experiencing toxic relationships both in her personal as well as her professional life. She had discussed break-up with her boyfriend the previous evening. Now, as she waited outside the HR’s cabin with the hard copy of the resignation letter in her hand, she wondered when she leaves the job, would she be missed. She paced up and down the office corridor. She was wearing an elegant brown sleeveless knee length dress with a bow on the left side near the shoulder. That evening ‘K’ saw the forward from her friend ‘S’. The topic was ‘Make your absence felt too.’ As she read she realised that she was focusing on all external entities about how she was supposed to feel about her existence. The toxicity in the relationships was because of the emotional dependency for her existence to be acknowledged. ‘K’s colleague ‘D’ had her cabin on the same floor and she could see ‘K’ taking her to and fro walk. ‘D’ had been contemplating wearing western wear. She had asked ‘would it be appropriate to switch to western wear in the office, how would I look, would it be comfortable.’ An unassuming ramp walk by her colleague motivated her to try out some western wear. That day during lunch hour, while sitting in the canteen she ordered for some western wear clothes online. She was efficiently using the phone, typing, pressing buttons, using and balancing her fingers from the back to front as she was using her one arm. When she had to eat she placed her phone on a phone stand. She was eating and reading the phone and looked very comfortable doing both. ‘J’ who was also in the canteen was literally talking to himself, ‘how do I eat, how to work through the phone and my computer?’ ‘J’ had sprained his right arm and was in a bandage and was advised not to use the arm too much. Observing ‘D’ calmed him down. The previous day ‘T’ a cab driver for twelve years had a question ‘how can I earn and still be of service to people who really need my expertise?’ Few minutes later as he dropped a passenger, to a mall and was tactfully parking right outside in a very tight space between the two cars, ‘T’ received a call from his boss about a part-time job for a top executive who needed a pick up and drop during the weekdays, as he had had an accident. This was for ‘J’. Parking for ‘R’ was easy in open spaces. When she reached the mall the only parking available was in the outside lane of the mall. She asked herself screaming ‘how to park in small spaces?’ When she saw ‘T’ park she noted exactly how the car maneuvered.

This goes on. Your presence, existence, and actions are all the time an answer, guidance or reply to someone else’s question, prayers or query. They affect others too.

This need not weigh on you. This information is basically to flatter you and is more like a request that you could be more aware that you and what you do matters.


Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034
Twitter: @IADLife
Instagram: iad_life


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