Celebration has to be one that complements not that is contradictory to your efforts and accomplishment.


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Dear Friend!

Every moment is worthy of celebration. Integrate celebration in every moment in your life. Celebrate with an action. Size, magnitude, scope, the extent of the celebration is of secondary significance and is therefore not your deciding factor. Similarly, the reason for the celebration can also vary. In fact, find reasons in very situations to celebrate.

Celebration rules include the following.

(a) Your celebration need not hamper your important commitment, responsibilities, and duties. When it interferes then that might dampens the celebration. Because neglecting your priorities might cause losses or you could be distracted and not be enjoying the celebration. To take care of this, you could inform the concerned parties and then take time off. Your everyday routine however could be shuffled. If the earlier commitments are keeping you from the way you wish to celebrate then, find ways and means to celebrate amidst them. You can always find a way. You will still have the time. Always have energy, and willingness to celebrate.

(b) Celebrate in a way, doing what and with people you are comfortable with. Never celebrate with anything you are not going to enjoy with. Let go the aversion of celebrating alone. In fact, the first celebration has to be with you. See honor in celebrating with others and for others too. Again in ways, means and with whom you are comfortable with.

(c) Way to celebrate need not be fixed. Be willing to be flexible in type, time, and way of celebration.

(d) Celebrate doing what you love and also what helps you expand or add to your experience. Do not keep repeating the same experience. Add variety. Even if there is only a slight variation in celebration. Celebrate doing what you can do. If you wish to celebrate in a way that is not supported by your resources at present. Then, make a note. For the future manifestation of the desired way of celebration collect resources, vizualise, create vision boards, ask help from source and angels, and take action steps. Please do new things too. Do things that would support you in going beyond your limitations.

(e) Your safety is a must.

When you see the change you celebrate. When you see a delay celebrate. When somebody comes celebrate. When somebody leaves celebrate. When something happens celebrate. When something has yet to happen celebrate. When an idea occurs for your life enhancement, celebrate. Also, celebrate when you experience stagnation or block. When you recognise a resistance or what you wish to change, celebrate. Celebrate when there is flow.

Integrate celebration into anything and everything. Make celebration a habit.

A celebration is a wonderful way to congratulate, acknowledge, and to show gratitude for your blessings.

Celebration could be with food, with travel or a trip, music, dance, shopping, entertainment, gifting yourself something for example book, workshop, counseling session, added changes, exercises, writings, de-cluttering or organising.

A celebration is a reward.

Celebration has to be one that complements your accomplishment. Celebration cannot be contradictory to your efforts. These celebrations get converted into guilt and criticism and thus does not remain a celebration anymore. It is no fun.

A simple understandable common example is going for a chocolate sundae ice-cream after your week’s or even day’s exercise regime. You celebrate this success with something healthy in food, maybe shop a sportswear, adding an exercise equipment to your home gym collection or even an

information search on what more to do in exercise and fitness.
When your celebrate in such a manner it is only then that you will feel, remember and get motivated for your next moment in life.

Celebrate with and for yourself and/or others. Keep happiness and enjoyment as mandatory criteria.


How do you wish to celebrate your next moment or the next achievement?

Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034
Twitter: @IADLife
Instagram: iad_life

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