divine assignment

Each one of you is on a divine assignment on this planet as CAREGIVERS.

divine assignment

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Dear Friend!

As you begin your stay here your primary support system on this planet are the caregivers. These caregivers in many cases are the parents, relatives or hired help. As you spend some time on this planet caregivers change or get added. These are the teachers, peers, friends, service providers. All of them play some role in and as your support system. Incidentally, the moment you step on this planet you too become part of someone/somebody’s support system. As you gain motor skills, decision-making skills, and an understanding of these two skills, you begin to participate or become a caregiver. It could be to an animal or a human.

An interesting fact is where there is giving there is a requirement of receiving. This is because with every giving there is a requirement of replenishing that space that is created. If that is not done then there is depletion and there is a lack that is created. In the state of lack, the caregiving quality is affected and may not be high in energy. This kind of caregiving is not beneficial, neither for the giving party nor for the party to whom it is given. Therefore with giving the receiving is essential, important and even mandatory.

As caregivers, you are fulfilling a task, job, and responsibility that were decided for you with your consent. You are therefore on a divine assignment on this planet.

When approached for something, have you ever cringed, got irritated, or even gotten angry.

How is the giving at this point? How is the energy? How is the quality? What are the emotions involved in this giving?

Did this request or asking seem like something extra, out of the way, being taken advantage of, unnecessary, not within your capability? Needless to mention there was a clear unwillingness in your reaction.

In this kind of giving, you miss out on the fun, the learning, and the acknowledgment.

This attitude in giving actually could be influenced by others or by your own opinion of you. There is a main and the only one reason because of which you are not or have not or had not been enjoying giving. It is because what you are trying to give has been missing within or for you.

The care, the appreciation, the approval, the support, all need to be directed to self first. What you do not have you cannot give to others.

What you do not feel yourself first, you cannot feel for others. Appreciate yourself, before you expect to be appreciated by others. Give approval to yourself, before you expect others to approve of you. Love yourself, before you expect others to show love to you. Care about yourself before you show care to yourself.

Still unsure if you are a caregiver that you can be? Then observe your caregiving in the opportunities that come in your space as a caregiver. Notice your emotions, feelings, attitude, and action.

Once you realise your capacity as a caregiver, there are possibilities that certain missed opportunities can start surfacing. If the person you wished to show care is not with you anymore either incommunicado or not on this planet, then you design how you would have shown care to them and either verbally or by writing have a hypothetical conversation with them. End this communication with ‘thank you for the opportunity.’

Affirmation: ‘I am on divine assignment on this planet as a caregiver, and I am willing to believe I am doing enough.’

You are saying, hearing or the results reflect that you are not doing enough. And according to you as a caregiver, your efforts are less than optimum. There is a possibility you could go into guilt right after.

Instead, if you could choose to appreciate, approve, love, trust, value, and respect all that you are doing, that will leave no scope for guilt. From this point, if you wish to do more, please do more.

Once you reach a place or stage where you are comfortable being a caregiver, you will notice situations of procrastination, not taking responsibilities or hesitation to support to disappear. The reason for this comfortable giving is that your primary recipient is a satisfied customer, and that is you.

Go ahead complete your mission with love. Your security is prime, so when you see yourself or your dear ones in danger, you can choose to say no. Keeping yourself and your dear ones safe is also part of the divine assignment.

Take good care of yourself.

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Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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