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Good makes way for better

All GOOD things do come to an end. It’s true.  This happens to make way for something  BETTER.
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IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Everything that has a start has an end. Anything that commences has to finish. Person/People come in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Change happens. Allow it to happen. Do not fret or fume. You receive your experiences as a result of your asking. Not all of the experiences are a cakewalk. Not all change is within your comfort zone. Responsibilities may increases. The effort required could be more. Hours put in could get longer. Resources investment may need to be increased. Do not panic. Do not worry. Do not resist. Let it happen. It is the flow. If it does not flow, it may cause stagnation. This will cause accumulation of toxins in the form of emotions, physical dis-ease, or non-desirable life experiences. All of this causes delay in manifestation of greater good in your desire.

When you don’t like something or you find something undesirable, you will be more than happy to see the back of it. It leaving could be relief, pleasure or a puzzle. It is a puzzle when you don’t recognise what is leaving is or was really not that beneficial for you or that, it is no longer of much use to you or it is not in alignment with your vibration and deservability anymore. You might delay or deny its leaving.

You are in denial mode.

You might ask for it back. You don’t want it to go without a fight. Go ahead, give it your best shot. Reason it out. Do what you can verbally and physically to bring it back or to keep it from leaving. Putting in your best is your right. When the person or people are involved they have to be equally willing to be back or to stay. Having tried everything, when you see it finally leave, let it go.

But, what if something that is leaving is what you like, love, have been beneficial, pleasurable, fun, beautiful, loving and friendly. Here, of course, you will put in all your might to prevent it from going away. You will put in all your understanding of what could be done differently. You will try to convince or cajole your own self, that what is leaving or has left, the heaven above and the earth below and beseech it to stay.

You could go into self-blame or you would blame others. If it does not make sense to you at this point and you see something being taken from you without your permission or prior consent then, you could go through low vibration emotions and behaviors. Even after the begging, praying, name calling, scolding, arguing with self and others, it still does not stay in your space and leaves.

You now gradually start to make peace with what is happening, you calm down.

You are now getting into accepting mode.

Yes, it was good or it seemed good and it has come to an end or is coming to an end. This is also a form of de-cluttering in your space. By the divine and universal rule of de-cluttering, when something good leaves your space, the space or the vacuum created is for something BETTER to enter your life.

Get into receiving mode.

Receive it in a right way. Receive it in faith, with love, show respect, do actions that reflect acceptance and approval.

When the ‘BETTER’ is received in this way and manner you recognise its arrival easily, you recognise the enhanced level in everything from before. In quality, quantity, and in its usability for you. When you stay hung on to what has left, you may not notice what arrives. In this mood, you are far from recognising its benefits. As a result, you don’t notice, experience and therefore you don’t enjoy the presence of the next or new.

What takes the place that is the replacement of what has moved, left or gone could be (a) something which was in your space from before but you get a chance to notice it now and/or it could be (b) something that had left and is coming in a different or changed version. Either ways it is something better.

This could be a path, a habit, a behaviour, an opportunity, a relationship, an attachment, a project, or a resource.

Some may be easy to let go. Others may require more effort.

Take receipt of what goes in high vibration and this will be bearer for good tidings. Shift your focus on your willingness to accept. Only your better everything is awaiting after that.

Affirmation: ‘I am willing to let go what no longer serves my higher purpose, with love and respect. I am willing to receive and accept all that is of my greatest and highest good.’

Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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appreciation from others

Why do we expect appreciation from others? – Wednesday Why?

Question from Mrs. Rashmi Harish.
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IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!


You expect appreciation from others because you are not able to appreciate yourself. The reason because of which you have not been able to appreciate yourself is you don’t know how to do it.

So, do you know how to fly a plane? If not, then why not? The answer is because you haven’t learned it. The real reason being, you think you do not know how to fly the plane is because you have not gone through the training that one is supposed to go through. Because somebody told you that you have to go through aeronautics and you require to have the pilot’s license. You have to go through the training period and practice in order to fly a plane.

So to understand appreciation and appreciating, let’s start from the very beginning. What is appreciation? Sugar coating and lying certainly are not. Appreciation can be in part or in whole. You can appreciate by customising the truth.

Case Study: R was invited to Sunday brunch at her mom’s place. R’s mom prepared a rice dish. The other family members declared it to be spicy. R was feeding her daughter so she joined them a little later. It was spicy for R too. But she was comfortable having it with curd as the side-dish. When R’s mom asked for an opinion on the dish, R said point blank, ‘it’s nice.’ According to R, she was praising her to spare her mother from any hard feelings, but what R was actually doing was sparing her own self of possible criticism in future in case she receives an opinion on her creation. Because of this act in hesitation, she had just declared herself a liar in front of her mom and lost her credibility to some extent. Next time if her mom would need an opinion on her cooking when she is preparing for some others/outsiders, she would prefer to call upon and rely on the opinion of those who gave their honest opinion. The true fact is there were lots to appreciate on this occasion. R could appreciate the invitation, the provision of food, the interaction, the fact that R did not need to cook at home that day, R’s daughter got a chance to get closer to her maternal grandparents and cousins. As far as the appreciation for the food specifically was concerned, what R wanted to express was, ‘thanks so much for the food, it is spicy for me but with the side dish it is just amazing.’

Bring in, flexibility in the rules and conditions to appreciate. If the understanding of appreciation is stringent in your mind and are based on rules that revolve around the niceness of you then, when you have to voice an opinion you do that as per the rulebook to be sweet. The moment you know the tricks of the trade in appreciation, (a) how you can delayer it, (b) how it can be segregated that is your likes with the ones you don’t like so much, (b) you getting clear about the difference between appreciation and what you like and that they could be mutually exclusive.
Your image, your character, and your outer appearance need not dictate what and how you appreciate. With clarity and practice, appreciation becomes part of your nature. To appreciate is to mention the blessings. As you keep your focus on your blessings you have more and more things that you find yourself to be appreciative about. Appreciation does not come with a compulsion to be polite. However, appreciation is accepted easily and smoothly when politeness is its adjunct. Appreciation with anger and hurt is still appreciation but the anger and hurt are distracting. When you know that appreciation is not about reporting the complete analysis but can be stating few points then it gets comfortable to choose what you wish to state and what you don’t want to mention. For example when you are invited for a party and you loved the arrangement but did not like the food. You could extend your appreciation for the invitation and arrangement. And then full stop. You are not under any compulsion to narrate the Gospel truth. Start paying attention to how you feel when you are appreciating. If it is not so good feeling then, you are not certain about the appreciation or it is forced. When you feel good about appreciating, it is only then that you will be able to convey it in its desired form.

Another important reason why you had not learned appreciating is because you were taught or told not to self-praise. So what you gathered from that was ‘appreciating’ is other’s job.

This is far from the truth. Appreciating self is also your responsibility. You will gain proficiency in appreciating by practicing on self and about your life. Receiving and giving appreciation to others is you giving value. Appreciating is a choice.

So you took help and support from others now it is your opportunity to apply what you have learned.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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faith in the effort

Difference between desperation and passion is faith in the effort put in.

faith in the effort

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Difference between desperation and passion is faith in the effort you put in.

‘Y’, quietly gave a cursory look through the notes that she had been writing while preparing for the interview with the corporate as she waited in the lounge. She recalled something and she opened her laptop and made an addendum to the presentation. While going through the slides she saw the first few slides and smiled. It was about the genesis of her company that she had launched. It had been four years since she had started her venture as an entrepreneur. From all the experiences what she seemed to notice at that point was the calmness with which she was in the present. She was observing and enjoying the experience. As she waited she recalled her behaviour four years ago. She remembered for every project/product and the advertisement she placed for the sale, she would give time and attention to every phone call for the product. She would stay with the caller and answer all the questions and till the caller decided to keep the phone. For every interaction, she would invest all her conviction. She would get hopeful with every interaction for the sale of the product and if she was not able to sell the product she would slip into self-doubt and she would want to improve the product. All this was causing her stress. Even after the finished product in hand, she would keep wondering what to do more. She would ponder over what changes to make in the marketing. She became even more dedicated to adding points that would support the product and increase marketing. Then, as they say, one fine day while she was working on another project developing another product she realised how much she loved how the product was shaping up. At that point, she received a call from a prospective buyer as they had started advertising about the latest product under development. During the phone conversation, she made her points clear, answered the questioned and directed the caller to the website that had the other details. After the brief interaction over the phone, she took leave from the caller and finished the call. She went back to the task at hand and suddenly she stopped and had an epiphany. She was not nervous that she put down the phone too soon, she was not concerned that the buyer may not be satisfied with the information, she was not thinking after the call whether the caller/buyer will call back, or whether anything could have been done differently. She was not trying to please buyer or defend the product.

She saw the change she had made. Her behaviour was as per her passion for the product. Her faith in the work put in was just what was needed. She noted every feedback with confidence and every interaction on the product. Now with every prospective order she would hop and jump with a smile and go to the copy of the product that was her upcoming book, say thank you to it then take another similar trip to the mirror and she said thank you to herself. At present, while she waited in that corporate lounge she was with the similar faith in her effort put in.

The joy had overtaken the desperation.

This comes from the practice of making stress a part of your daily routine.

The habit of stressing comes from much before. When you have been living your life as per the schedule decided, influenced by or as per others then, your time, the decision what you do with your time is never yours and every moment is dictated by decisions made by others. These others were your influencers. These keep changing as per your phase in life. You define your plan of action based on them. You learn about stress too, from these influencers. They become your space fillers. Stress is expressed as an action called desperation. In this, you are always certain that something more needs to be done. So as a result what you do is you get into non-beneficial thinking that takes you to all that has not been done. When opportunities do come you see yourself as unprepared or product/project unfinished so you spend time and energy trying to build assurance around it.

You could sense that and be willing to transform that into passion by saying, knowing, acknowledging and appreciating your efforts. The one that was put in and the one that could be needed.

‘Y’s’ behaviour had started long before. She would not be confident enough to enter the examination hall if she was not revising until the nth moment. She needed that practice to get comfortable finishing a task and allowing herself to get engrossed in other activities. She had to replace stress with other activities as a process. This ultimately helped her to completely displace stress.

Stress and tension on an anticipated result cause the desperation and keep you from having enough faith in your efforts.

Do what you need to do then do other things.

Stress is a sneak‘er’, it has the habit of sneaking in when you are thinking about what more can be done in low vibration. This thinking comes across as doubt and not doing enough.

Be very aware and convert it into constructive thinking by always reminding and being grateful for all that is there, all that is done.

Your gratitude shows your acknowledgment. Your acknowledgment is faith. Your expression of faith shifts the energy to passion.

Keep that. Lead your action and tasks with this understanding. Then you will be able to express passion for your product and market your product with passion.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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be your BEST

Do not try to be better than others. Be your best.
be your BEST.jpg


IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

If there is a competition, the components of a competition are the deciding body or judges, criteria that decide or weigh the points based on which there is an assessment, there is a winner and the rest are the ones that did not win.

Sometimes there is a tie.

Competition always comes with a comparison and an announcement or declaring of the better lot. When you compete what is your aim. Are you trying to do better than ‘x’?

‘x’ being the person, people or situation.

Then it will serve as a short sight. This will give you goals that are in accordance with someone or something else. You are valuing and trusting someone or something other than you. Competition does have short-term benefits. However, you get lost and stop yourself slightly or a lot, because of them, and that is a crime.

You understand and you convince yourself that your creativeness is evident because of the competition. But, what you are doing when you are in competition is re-discovering yourself according to others, curbing and channeling your growth according to others, and adjudging at par to others. You are looking at others while preparing or working on yourself. Your energy and focus go to others while you receive the less of energy and focus on your own self.

Competitions arranged in private and public forums are means to an end. What is your true direction? Decide that. Use competition as a way to get motivated or to get on track or to get disciplined. But, this cannot be it. A competition cannot be an end goal. There are definitely steps decided beyond that. If you have not done that then it is time you get clear about it. Where does the competition you are in or wish to enter, lead you to?

You could address the same question when you compare yourself to others.

But then again, why are you comparing? To feel better or to get better. But then this is apples to oranges comparison. Each of you is unique. Therefore, using others as a milestone is unfair to many and at many levels. That’s also an immense pressure. Trying to compete with others who you don’t know completely about nor will you ever know all about. You may not know all of their struggles, their plans, their hard work, their fall and/or their rise. You just chose to like something about their present outlook and decided to judge them and get close to their success or get better than them. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes has never been a great idea. As a matter of fact, you spend a lifetime trying to know your own self. Even then you don’t know yourself well enough.

What works best is when you focus on your own qualities, your strengths, your deservability, and most importantly your willingness. You give attention to what you wish to change, what you wish to enhance, and what you wish to add. Account your own resources and utilise them completely. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you already have in qualities on how much of your resources are already at your disposal and at your beck and call. It is all yours.

As far as the others are concerned, if you want you can choose to take inspiration from them, admire them or learn from them.
It is important for you to know, you do because you can do and you do ‘only’ what you can do.
You are exclusive and exceptional. And so are the others. But only as per the contents what is in each of yours and their’s space respectively.

Be your best, do your best and you shall always manifest your desires or something higher, for which you are trying to be the best.

Please do not underestimate, ignore or lose your creativity in comparison or competition. Criticising or feeling less is a no-no. Competition actually is not necessary. Observing, noticing, admiring and getting inspired by the other person or situation is all you need to do.

In your life, in your space, you can get better and be the best. Every single moment you are already doing your best. You could not have done any better. Right. Now, do better than that in this moment, if you are not satisfied. This will be your ‘new best.’ Set your landmarks and your milestones based on what you were or are and if you find necessary by learning from others too.


Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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do it NOW

Don’t feel bad, Don’t be upset, Just get started, Be willing to change.

do it NOW

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Yes yes and triple yes. You can just acknowledge and agree that you have done that or you have not done that. You are calling it a mistake. Accepted! Don’t need to beat yourself over and over again about it. What would you like to do now? Think about it, talk about it, discuss, solve. Now you have some idea what to do now and so just implement it. If you are still unclear, then take one step and that is, celebrate the acknowledgment that something needs to be changed. Many a time it is an inkling that something needs to change but putting your finger on that has yet to happen. Most certainly it is a focused task, that has to be accompanied with tapping and/ or divine help.

The moment the step is clear take it. Either partially or a complete step. The step could be journaling, planning, and/or creating a system. Remember to have motivational activities as part of the plan and steps. Know and believe that you can change. Say it out loud, ‘I am willing to change.’ Of course, you can do this.

You don’t see yourself making the change or you see change not taking place in your life. The only major reason is that you have yet to start. You get stranded as getting over the fact that you have made an error is a blunder in your books. The guilt and the anticipation of the punishment keeps you from taking that step. In case you have realised and understood the step to be taken and you have not taken it. Then, that is yet another mistake for you.

It is OK! The best part is you already know what to do. Please find the willingness to promote yourself here.

It is a myth that to take the step or to change you have a dependence on others. Diffuse the myth by delayering your action step. Segregate the sub-steps that can be done by you. How doable are they now? You will find that they are more doable than you initially anticipated. They are actually very doable. Please do not wallow in self-pity. Don’t let that or any other reason be an excuse to deny or delay you in taking your step. Cross every hurdle that is its way. To every blockage, every resistance, every difficulty, every confusion and/or every predicament that you think had been blameable or responsible for the procrastination, please be willing to wave goodbye permanently as you go past them and cross them.

The reason you need to advocate, cajole, convince, persuade yourself to take the action step and the reason you need to comply, agree, and actually carry out the action step is that if you don’t you may slip back into not feeling unaccomplished, not useful and not good enough. This is a precursor to taking hasty, non-productive, non-fruitful, not-logical step that you may further stick onto just to justify your action-decision. This could take a roundabout and bring you exactly where you had not taken the step you wanted to take.

Even now, take the step.

These action steps can be something small or could be a big leap. They could be a single step or comprise of many steps. It could be short term or long term. It could be an action with a temporary result or permanent result. It could be a one time step or require repetition. It can be you having to speak your mind to someone, buy that journal, making a payment due, moving that furniture, de-cluttering, reading a book, booking an appointment, make that sandwich or beverage, applying that cream, arrange for mediation, OR write that article or finish writing the book, watching a lecture or documentary, find that information, file your taxes, fill that form, make that call or go on a sugar free diet, enrol in the course or class you had decided, change a habit, apologise or forgive, affirming, meditate, go for the appointment you fixed. These are just some of the examples. It could be any action and many more action. Do not repent and waste your time trying to find out the why for the postponement. If you want to research on your life to know why because (a) it is your right and/or (b) not to repeat it in future. Then, do that but do this action parall’ey’ to the action step that needs to be taken.

Taking the action is the single most important and really really necessary next step.

So, don’t feel bad, don’t be upset. Just get started. Be willing to change. Change.

Take that step.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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move on to FORGIVE

The best way to forgive is to move on and focus to enhance your life.
move on to FORGIVE

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

The best way to forgive is to bring your focus to your life enhancement. Life situation comes with blessings and learning. Solutions are there for every life situations that require healing. Involvement of external sources brings you to crossroads where their willingness is an equally important condition for the next step. Although this is so, what is also to be known is that active participation and physical presence of the external sources is desirable but is neither mandatory nor is it necessary. You cannot rely on other’s willingness because it is really theirs and it is up to them to decide. You need not postpone your healing which is for your forward movement into the next phase of your life. You don’t need to wait or delay any aspect of your life. Do not while away your time because of this. Do not over think by recalling the incident or going over the situation again and again. Do not spend time and energy on what could have been or what if’s. Refrain from asking any disempowering questions. Ask an empowering question every time the thought of past hurt surfaces. Be willing to move on. Pray, meditate, affirm and ask, ‘what is the life-enhancing aspect that I need to see from this situation’ and ‘what next.’

It is, in your next step that all your unanswered queries and learning from the unpleasant situation, EMERGE. Take these answers and learning as a guiding point for your life from hereon.

This is the way to forgive and to move on and enhance your life. Forgive yourself and any other external factor(s) you think are responsible or have been the causative factors.

Is forgiving easy? How to easily forgive? Well! it’s all about your loyalty. Your loyalty to your life and its growth.

Do you want to stay in the situation experiencing being jammed, stuck, trapped? Hope not.

Do you want to be able to let go what you cannot change, change what you can and have the willingness to know the difference? The key to knowing the difference is in the co-operation of the parties included. Your first co-operation is required from you yourself. When others show reluctance to solve and thus not support you in forgiveness you need to let go. There are two types of relationships.    Dispensable and indispensable. The ones that are indispensable are the only ones that need to focus and effort on the solution. The dispensable ones are easy to let go. It is when a relationship you are in, is indispensable for you but is proven to be dispensable by others, is when you need to let go.

The lack of co-operation from the other party can bring the responsibility of solving the situation completely on you. So you now, do the forgiveness (i) by writing an honest letter but not sending, (ii) by making elaborate clear plans on what can be done next, (iii) by making clear list of all the attributes of ‘you towards them’ and ‘them towards you’ that you like and dislike. Be willing to change the attributes you did not like into what you would have liked instead. Affirm to attract the attributes that you truly liked. Focus on these. Never compromise.

By this process, you are presenting your changed self for the next step.

Take care of yourself, entertain and enjoy your present. Continue doing your everyday activity. Let you recognise your deservability.

There is no surprise if you are curious and wish to ponder over the incidents that have happened. Do that, however never ever give up on your schedules connected with your skill building, health, fun, friends and work commitment. You could make some alterations but all in all, support yourself in attending, being regular and sincere with these.

These situations will pass and new situations will come in your space. It is these schedules that will that keep you in the habit to generate and expect great results.

For future events please learn that it is the piling up of the unresolved emotions that cause these situations where forgiveness is required. Do not allow the un-forgiveness to stack up. Solve any un-forgiveness on a daily or weekly basis.  Do not shove it under the rug. Cut the cords. Shield your heart, solar plexus and/or your root chakra. Peacefully protect yourself.

In time you will forgive and forget the situation(s), people or person. And this is the best gift you can give yourself. Because of this, you will attract better life situation(s), people or a person.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why do you get blamed?

Why do you get blamed? – Wednesday Why?

why do you get blamed.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Healing journey has information, its interpretation, your perception, your individual understanding, your customised prescription for practice, and your observation of the results.

One of the major reasons for the slowing down of the healing process is miscommunication. The reasons for the wires getting crossed in communication is actually two. Both are equally important. (A) The first one is the compulsion to make the other person/party agree with your viewpoint, perception or understanding.

The compulsion to make someone else agree is out of anticipation of fear of rejection. This comes from the past experiences of not being able to convince and thus seeing yourself as a loser. As these experiences pile up your wish to push your idea, point or suggestion becomes more intense. Thus instead of convincing your points become argumentative.

(B) The second one is the pitch in which you convey your words. Pitch during the communication adds to the meaning. The pitch when high need not be insulting, pitch when low need not be respectful. The relevance of the pitch is what you make of it. If you have had past experiences that had voice pitch that was directly connected with agreement or disagreement, then you will place more emphasis on the pitch than the value of the words and emotional status in which these words are spoken.

Both are behaviors in/of low vibration. Both actions are either coming from blame or are intended to blame.

Blame is shifting responsibility to understand and the responsibility to support that understanding. This interestingly can be with self and/or could be with anyone other than self.

It is because of the lack of self-faith, that you have the capability to understand and that you can support your understanding is why you resort to blame. In communication you blame either as a habit or a strategy. Regardless of the reason for the relying on blame, the communication highlighted with blame is non-productive.

Every discussion has to be more about what you agree with and what makes sense to you rather than looking for caveats and shortcomings in other person/party’s information and understanding. Having the willingness to understand what is being conveyed to you either through your inner voice, feelings, intuition or external sources through person/people, Source, Universe or Angels, is a bonus.

If you want to know whether your way of talking is with blame then, notice this. As soon as a blame comes towards you, you sprint and you abandon all that connects you to the blame. If you are willing to change or if you don’t function using blame as means to address a situation, then you will either stay or re-visit the environment, incident, person, or people when a blame is hurled at you.

Why do you get the blame? Your willingness to change your life is the reason why you constantly keep reviewing your actions where ever you see the scope of enhancement. Interestingly, this plus you not trusting your divine or earthly support is what attracts the information in form of blame, accusation or hurt. When you want to change and you assume lack of support you assure yourself of the same. This makes change seem like a lot of work and therefore a difficult task. This type of change is the willingness to change in low vibration. Here your reactions are with anger and/or fear.

Your willingness to change itself is your golden ticket to bright and happy future. Be willing to move your vibration to a higher one during the process of change to attract information as praise, motivation, and healing.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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u r a WINNER

No one can make you a winner. You can be a winner only when you decide to be one.
u r a WINNER.jpg

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

You are a winner as soon as you decide to be one. So decide in favour of you being a winner.

Are you still snoozing, postponing, slowed down in the name of self-doubt, unpreparedness, lack of energy, support, direction or resources.

Step Up and Step Out. Only you can take that step that embarks your journey towards being a winner. Rest of them can be your support system, along the way. This support system, however, cannot be the sole entity responsible for you being a winner.

You cannot completely be laden on another and expect them to carry you all through to the place where you will be called a winner. This is your life and the experiences are specially designed and customised for you and you can live it or carry them out. Your learning(s), your change(s), your progress, your solutions are all only yours. Stay put, don’t run, don’t quit. Finish your learning and move on to the next phase. You are born winner. You being a winner is pre-installed. So every time you do what strays you from the path leading you to be a winner then, you get uncomfortable. You will notice, it will prick, and it will hurt. You will also have people and situations in your life that would be pointing or promoting you to be a winner, depending on the vibration you are in. People and situations may be exactly the same or may slightly differ but the implication on you will be like two ends of the spectrum. When you are self-critical and sad ruled by anger and fear then people even if they are from your inner core group and situations that are mild or neutral will seem demeaning, misbehaving, subduing and harsh. For the same behaviour or action in high vibration from the same person or set of people and situation, you will see motivation, promotion, active support when you are self-affirming, self-respecting and self-trusting.

For example, the difference of understanding the same comment, for the same incident, for example ‘when work is not done’. In low vibration you hear blame, ‘you did not do this’, ‘you never finish what you start’, ‘you cannot be trusted with a responsibility’. In high self-confident vibration, you take the comment as, ‘really looking at you to take charge’, ‘you have such high potential, so you are being entrusted with this responsibility’, ‘great results are awaited from you.’

So if there is an interaction or encounter that has happened and was not so great for you then, you could revisit, reassess the situation and reconsider the reaction that you are willing to accept. Change your vibration and thoughts about yourself to that of a higher vibration level ones. Now approach the same person or people. Request for the similar meeting. Please be mindful of the other’s involvement, because they have to be equally willing. However, you deserve to give yourself the chance to change even if others decide to stay with the same experience. You don’t make other’s willingness an excuse not to change. What you are changing here is your direction. This direction is towards knowing and proving that you are a winner. All your actions and attitudes keep you pepped up, lively and energetic. Everyone’s comment is an uplifting response.

What you know and say about you is all that is the ultimate truth. You are comfortable. You see progress and growth. You visibly see the results that are prosperous.

You have decided that and you are making it happen.

When you derail, so to speak there is no one to blame.

When you are on the right track then, there is gratitude to and for all involved.

It is this onus that is making you being a super-winner, fun.

Every experience is only guiding, leading, nudging, even pushing or pulling you towards being a winner. All you have to do is to give in with trust.

If the situation is PLEASANT you do more of what you have been doing.

If the situation is not pleasant then choose to move or tweak what you have been doing. But under no condition, situation or excuse do you stay in the situation.

A winner always has a life that is moving forward. Only a winner can generate other winners.

Affirmation: ‘I choose to be a winner, I am a super-winner, everyone in my space is a super-winner’.

Thank you, winners, for the life experiences and support.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Fear and Conviction

Fear is directly proportional to your convincing power
fear and conviction.jpg

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Convincing is an art and a skill. Getting proficient at that requires regular, irregular, disciplined, undisciplined, organised, unorganised, guided, or self-enthused practice.  You spend time, effort and other resources to get good at it. Regardless of how you have become so good at convincing what is of importance is its application and implication.

Ironically some use convincing for marketing and they see it as a most important tool for marketing.

However, the fact is the actual strength of marketing is in the knowledge, trust in the product and the intention of recommending, advising or selling the product.

Another important information that will support in understanding the level, strength, and intensity of the conviction is the experience. The experience(s) that you have observed and/or gone through yourself. Then there are influencers that further add on to the inclination of your conviction. Thus you can now see how you live and lead your life and carry out the activities in your life is based on your power of convincing.

Your respect, love, and faith in the product would suffice. So, convince yourself of what is useful, fruitful, beneficial, fun and creative about the product and that is all you will need.

You are your own product. You are constantly marketing yourself. And if you are convinced that your conviction will get you the best deal then get smart and clever, and convince yourself of having the greatest and highest qualities and market that to manifest your greatest and highest good.

But have you been doing that really or have you been taking the shortcut called fear? No doubt convincing requires the investment of resources. When your faith in the reservoir of the resources is low it is then that you use fear as a convincing point. Fear gets work done faster. However, the quickie method is never beneficial to you. Its detrimental effect is something that you notice either immediately or in the long run, but you most certainly will. You may have used this because you have seen this used by or on others and you have seen it to have worked. Eventually, you stop putting effort to convince using the high vibrational ways to get your work done. You rather resort to using low vibration ways that is fear based points to get your way.

The most mind-blowing flabbergasting aspect of this method that you have adapted to get through your life is that you still have your internal programming of convincing in place because of all the practice. And now what you do is you use your convincing abilities to support the fear-based points. With each rejection from self or external sources, you focus on increasing the intensity of the convincing of the fear because you don’t want to be seen as a liar or unreliable. You assume your prestige is at stake. So you have to bring your own self and everyone else in agreement with the fear you have been using all along.

Working for fear or out of fear becomes a convenience.

You can choose to cut this off now, this very second by knowing and acknowledging your authority over convincing. So now re-route your convincing towards all that is non-fear. Fear or anything that is fearful is directly proportional to your conviction that comes from your ability to convince. So now use the same conviction and your ability to convince towards everything make you happy and comfortable. Be it thoughts, vibrations, words, actions, and experiences. The determination and work are initially big as most of the energy required, is in redirecting. But because of earlier proficiency in convincing, you will pick up really fast.

Only thing you have to be mindful of is that it is towards what is beautiful and wonderful experience for you. You will also now start using the same convincing ways and means for and to others.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

Instagram: iad_life

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