affirm with gratitude

For fast manifestation don’t just ask. Affirm with gratitude. affirm with gratitude

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Dear Friend!
For fast manifestation don’t just ask. Affirm with gratitude.

To affirm is to say. In fact just about anything you say becomes your affirmation. What you say comes true for you. So choose words cleverly and clearly. Say only that what you truly want.

To have clarity on what you wish, want or desire you need to explore the world and expand your mind. You need to allow your deservability to rise higher than your highest thoughts and imagination. Many times you would have noticed that (a) you receive what you desired and some moments later it leaves your space, (b) that what you have received is not fulfilling your desire.

These happen when your deservability is based on limited thinking about your own self.

Your mind is your creative playground. It is your creative workshop. Here you have the freedom to be or have anything and everything. These could be your desires but, something stops you from using this enormous capability to your best advantage. This stopping agent that has such a big influence is from someone else’s thinking that you have adapted as your own and/or from your observations of life. It could be your own or that of others. This mysterious stopping agent is your thinking based on limitations.

Just for a change if you choose to surpass what you have been doing before. Decide on a desire based on your limitless thinking then, what do you face internally and what comes your way externally? You face resistance in words and your affirmations are completely or slightly off course. You manage to manifest that what reaches your expectation much before the desired finish line. People, events, and experiences externally suggest that you sell your dream short, pause or even stop.

How about just to try a variety, let your imagination run wild and fly high. What would be your concern? *Would it be safe and secure? *How will it affect me? *Will it give me the happiness that I am truly aiming for?

Well! You are in luck, my friend. If that is what you want then add it to your affirmations. *I am happy. *I am healthy. *I am safe.


When you affirm, the concept of affirmation is exactly like placing an order from a visible and not visible place or source. For example, placing an order in a restaurant in person or online. You are certain of receiving many numbers of times. You could sometimes receive something higher than anticipated. So when you affirm you are therefore certain that it’s coming true. When you know of its certainty then you express thanks to from where you are receiving. This also indicates the trust you have in them.

An affirmation said with certainty and gratitude reflects clarity. This results in little or no interference in the manifesting process. Desires manifest in a smooth, seamless and loving manner. Therefore, to ask better and manifest faster, you would not just ask but affirm with gratitude.

There are however two important factors that are driving these affirmations. The vibrations and the feelings. These are generated based on what you actually understand about those words. If the understanding is different from what you want it to be then, only way to tip the scale in your favour is by increasing the reiterations of saying the affirmations with concentration.

“Thank you so much that I am able to receive vibrant new beginnings.”

“Thank you that I am enjoying my great health.”

“I am very grateful that I am receiving beautiful and healthy changes in my personal life.”

“I am truly thankful that all that I do gets me good returns.”

These are some of the examples. For creating your affirmation you can be general or specific. Also, remember to be in present tense and to add gratitude.

Thank you for affirming for you deserving life.

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Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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