you the support system

Be the support system you are asking, looking or hoping for.
you the support system

IADLife Next Chapter:

Dear Friend!
Be the support system you are asking, looking or hoping for.

Define Support! Anything or something in addition to the actual. They are important and sometimes mandatory to the standing and/or even for moving forward. They are necessary.

Support comes in the form of words, gestures, vibrations, energy or material things. SOMEONE as support could be human or animal. SOMETHING as support could be small or gigantic. A support could be the Source, Universe, the Life, the wonderful Angels. A support could be could be your own self.

Support comes in varied forms. Support comes from varied fronts. You need support in varied combinations. These mesh together and become a support system customised, specific, and one that is suitable only for you.

Support is help. Your impression of help reflects what is your connection with the support.

What is your attitude towards help? Are you too proud to see yourself as someone who can need help? Is it beneath you to take help? Do you frown when you are unable to take care of your stuff? Or Are you excited, comfortable, happy and/or feel honoured and blessed to get, form or attract a support for you and your needs?

When you consciously see the requirement of support, where is your focus -on quality, quantity or both? How clear are you about the support? What is your understanding of this support? Are you particular about sincerity, kindness or are you ok to adjust and compromise with crude, rude version of support? Do you demand your highest worth or do you cave and accept the bare minimum?

That is what will reflect in the way you accept or receive support. Keep your attention on the love, respect, trust, value, and gratitude you have for the support. If there is anger, resentment, fear, frustration, towards the support, forgive and let go ASAP. Enjoy and have fun with the support. For, this is the kind of reciprocation you will receive from the support.

Always be open and receptive to the support.

Just in case if you have had some not so pleasant experiences with the support, do not get dissuaded. Review your understanding and attitude towards the support and be ready for new and loving support. The presence and existence of support in your space show that you are creatively active.

The support you need will always be available. Your ability to recognise, pick, choose, filter and accept them is up to you. Regardless of what support you have had in your space, you have the ability and opportunity to have it as status quo or to ask for it to have it in an enhanced or different manner.

You are a support and part of a support system too. You will always in some way be able to contribute to be a support. You will always have something to contribute to be a support. You can decide what kind and how much of support you wish to provide to the other or other(s). You could take this to be your practice ground for deciding, defining and expressing the support you want for a purpose or situation in your life.

Once you gain that crystal clear information on the support and still if you are wondering where to find that ideal support. Then, look no further. Surprise! Surprise! It is in you. You are and can be the support you have been searching for. You can be that support for your own self. You can if you wish to be that support for others too.

Let a support motivate you to ask for more support.

Your dignity, safety, and security will always be of the prime importance.

Let the insult, humiliation, and rejections of all the not so optimum support, be the bad apples that you are chucking out. Find out what learning have they been carrying. Be willing to be that change. It could be efficiency, generosity, voicing, assistance, interaction, organizing. Understand and implement the change required to see the change in the support.

Be happy being a support and having a support.

Your presence and existence itself is the support for the planet.

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Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034
Twitter: @IADLife
Instagram: iad_life

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