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There are only three important FOUNDATIONS required for education,(1)Comprehensive reading and writing, (2)Listening, and  (3)Speaking.

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Dear Friend!
When you have resources for education then education becomes a choice. During the schooling ironically I didn’t see it being a choice. I did not choose education. I chose approval from my dad. I was, therefore, attending school, appearing for exams, even later for further studies I chose science to gain and to see where his approval stood. In school, I use to get a lot of red lines on my report card. It was the screaming proof of what my dad’s expressions and words were saying to me. Me not good in studies. The interaction with the school teachers ref the same thing. Fact is I did talking, playing, observing, and a little bit of sports on my own but in studies I needed monitoring. Even as a little girl I could see that I was not getting the respect or recognition.  I had no introduction to self-love or self-approval. But I somehow held on to the understanding that education is my only ticket to dignity. Even if I did decide to stick to education to please my dad, I am just glad I never gave up. I do not very vividly remember my education, subjects, content of the subject, teacher’s names, friends names, nor the year of passing of the class of my school days. What I do remember is people interaction. I remember behaviour and expressions of mine and others. I remember experiences of mine and others.

This so beautifully indicates that I was always meant to do what I do professionally today. Interpreting, understanding, teaching and writing about life, based on human interactions and experiences.

Although I was from a non-English speaking family, I was very keen to learn and speak fluent English.  As I got older and got freedom and access to television, I had started watching a lot of television. I use to watch programs of all languages. Most of my learning came from there. I was clearly an audio-visual person.

For graduation and post-graduation I studied microbiology and pathology. Every day before the lectures started, the microbiology teachers in college quizzed us on previously taught course matter. I use to study because I liked answering questions. I developed a taste for the subject and became a rank student and I even came 1st in the University. By the time I was in a life after the accident which had resulted in an amputation of my right upper limb, I was too attached and was not able to let go science. I looked for ways to integrate all the previous education so I took admission in Bioinformatics, a course that amalgamates information technology and biological science. I did not do well there. I just managed to get a diploma for the Master’s course I took admission.

What did I learn during my education? (a) I did not agree with the education system. (b) I was clear that the real answers in life were in interaction, behaviour, and experiences. (c) Words have power, only my words have power over my life. (d) Focus needed to be shifted from difficult situations to life-enhancing learning. (e) When relationships and life experiences are not pleasant, that is the time I am not supposed to quit. (f) When you are learning, the mode of education has to be what is compatible with you. (g) Practice anything you want with guidance and you will get better at it.

I was very good at sketching as far as I remember. Due to the accident, I had to switch to being a left-handed person. My handwriting and hand orientation needed guidance and practice. I looked for and contemplated taking help from handwriting institutes but never reached there to take help. I also wanted to sketch and paint, mainly because I wished to express some of my thinking and visions through this art.  Six months ago I joined a drawing class and the teacher taught me from how to draw lines and circles. I already see wonderful changes in my flow of my writing, comfort in hand orientation and legibility in my handwriting.

Today in the present, I very sincerely understand that there are only three important foundations required for education. First one is comprehensive reading and writing. The second one is listening. And the third one is speaking. The emphasis has to be on these rather than the subjects. The subjects get learned on their own once these foundations are strengthened.

I am grateful to my parents especially my dad for sponsoring and for the support I received for all my education.

I have mixed feelings regarding my education. As the traditional education did not align my way of learning, I did not score big. The report cards were not a big fan of my happy go lucky nature. The affects of the report card categorizing of me as a student, in turn affected my friendships with my classmates and the impression the teacher’s had about me.

I am truly glad I continued my studies, as they paved way for my job and life experiences.
I feel blessed to know that I was not bad in studies. I did not study. And there is a difference.

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