Stress and frustration

Stress and frustration are always on what has not happened and all that would possibly never happen.Stress and frustration.jpg
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Stress and frustration are always on what has not happened and all that would possibly never happen. So the million dollar question would be, ‘why bother coming out of it.’ Then, just ask yourself, ‘how do you feel when you are frustrated?’ ‘Is this a good and pleasant feeling?’ It clearly is not. In spite of that, some still stay with/in the same emotions, mood, vibration because of the misconception that the solution lies there. But the fact is, in stress and frustrated mindset you will only conceive further low vibration ways of finding solutions. You will attract all the others who have had similar situations and you will be further poured with unsolicited un-resolving suggestions which are basically, complains. And these are not solutions. There is another reason because of which some stay with these emotions of stress and frustration. It is their way to stay connected with what they care about whether it is  what they want to change or what they desire.

Case Study: ‘F’ got down from her new SUV with a smile on her face after coming back from shopping. She had been envisioning doing all the fun things with her new vehicle. She still had the new ribbon attached on the bonnet. Just before locking using the new keyless feature, she went around the vehicle admiring and feeling great about the look of it. As soon as she reached the left-side front she noticed a long scratch on the white outer body. She was irritated. She could not recall when the SUV could have met with this minor accident while she was driving. She then remembered that she had parked her vehicle in the common public parking lot. The only possibility was that another car parked there must have been parked close to her vehicle and might have brushed and scratched it.

Her husband who had by then come down to help her with her bags, noticed her standing and frowning at the scratch. The moment she saw her husband, and even before he could ask her, she pointed to the area of the car that was hurt. She said that she was feeling sad because of the helplessness of what had happened to the car. As her husband asked, ‘what shall be done now?’ ‘F’ suddenly realised that the cascade of emotions that passed through her mind and imagination at a lightning speed was in anticipation of what could be. This is what had started to cause the stress in a short span while she was staring at her vehicle’s scratch.

It is not possible to worry about what has already occurred. You can only look for learning in it. Stress occurs on repeated confirmation of what is not in your favour. Even memory of the previous stress gets added if it has not been addressed.

‘F’ discussed with her husband, ‘we can inform the parking lot attendant,’ ‘and peacefully protect it in future trips.’ Her husband suggested to her to also to give a quick inspection of the vehicle before leaving the parking lot.

You can plan for the future and take action when you are in the present. Rest is all hypothetical fearful, anticipatory or even prophylactic thoughts or discussion.

Instead, if you could just recognise and acknowledge the stress. Review the past for its do’s and don’ts. List all that can be done differently or even something new. Forgive yourself for all that you think you have done or not done. Forgive all that were involved for all they have possibly done or not done. Look for blessings in this situation. Take action if you are in any such situation in the present.

Now along with informing the parking lot attendant ‘F’, would be mindful of checking her vehicle before she leaves the place so that she can address the matter right then. ‘F’ was grateful that she had a place to park her vehicle because she had noticed that other vehicles parked outside were towed.
So understand the situation and to stay calm be in the present as much as possible. If your mind strays towards stress and cause tension, lovingly bring your mind back to present. Because you take information from past and present, but it is only in the present where the solution resides.

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