nervousness of PREPAREDNESS

Desperation is INTUITION plus nervousness of PREPAREDNESS
nervousness of PREPAREDNESS
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Dear Friend!
Desperation is INTUITION plus nervousness of PREPAREDNESS

The universe is constantly conversing with us. From early morning after you wake up to the time you go to sleep, you live several lives. They are so many and so varied that sometimes, you may need to put an effort to recall many of the events or these lives before you go into your dreamland.

You are not meant to do all these on your own. Do you think you are getting enough help? Are you able to take enough help? To know this, notice how you feel when you are taking a stock of the day’s efforts and events. Do you have a sense of relief that it is over or are you proud and grateful? Is the thought of visiting or revisiting that responsibility fun and exciting or is it overwhelming? This is the key to you recognising, receiving and accepting the help that is existing, offered, and accessible.

Whatever you need is always made available to you.

Also, you are capable of doing what you are supposed to do that is your part of/in the task.

Your biggest support and help is the guidance.

Guidance is the answer to your ‘what’ question. The answer could be in words out loud, in whispers, or written. It is a yes or no and/or in signs, in symbols, physical sensations, an inkling or knowing.

The internal guidance is the intuition. It is the combination of inner knowing from your life experiences, information from higher self and/or the higher energy that is the Source, the Universe, the Angels.

Guidance points you in a direction where the requested and required resources are there.

In a state where you are not familiar, not able to see, recognise, or sense this guidance, you see yourself as unsupported. When there is no support from your understanding you take it that you have to do it all on your own. And thus even the tiniest or the easiest of the additional jobs, responsibility, task or request can sometimes seem over the top. You are not ready to take up the responsibilities, and you wish to prepare some more to build your self-confidence to efficiently carry out what comes your way.

Let’s understand this by putting it together. You ask for help. You get guidance through intuition. You don’t think you are properly equipped. You’re worried you will not do a good job. Your worry is reflected as restlessness. This state is desperation.

Desperation is when you feel nervous because of lack of readiness when you get information or guidance through intuition. The nervousness in very simple words, is actually fear of failure.

In desperation, your questions are with doubt and uncertainty.

You could be aware of this or you stray with the feelings. In this restlessness, you either decide to take an action or you are so convinced about the unpreparedness that you completely decline.

When is it that you are most prepared? What is your yardstick for preparedness? Does your time allotted and effort you put in, give you the contentment that is required for you to know that you are PREPARED?

While growing up if you were given parameters that were suggested to be considered or made compulsory that needed to be tick marked and anything that is missed out or not covered would be categorised unsatisfactory then, you will strive to tick mark those checkboxes regardless of how unreasonable or unnecessary they are. You will be satisfied and see yourself ready only and only when you meet those measure of preparedness.

The guidance or the next-step instructions comes to you only when you are prepared. So if you have the guidance, you are ready and prepared.

Make note of the thought or the intuition of the next step, without feeling the obligation to succeed as per anyone else’s definition. Then, you will never feel the desperation. Following the guidance will be walk in the park, so to speak.

Try it. Pick up your favorite pen and paper and make note of your thought. Take that step.

Whatever is the result? You need to know you are doing good. You are doing enough.

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Thank You and Best Wishes
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