Q & A alignment

Universe aligns the right people. Ones who have a question always find or attract the ones who have the answer and vice versa.
Q & A alignment

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Dear Friend!

Universe aligns the right people. Ones who have a question always find or attract the ones who have the answer and vice versa.

Have you ever noted that the questions that consecutively or suddenly arise in you due to your life experiences or observations echo in someone’s space that you judiciously decide or happen to meet? It could be the person in direct conversation with you or you hear from somewhere, it could be another person or an audio/visual.

Case Study: ‘M’ was at a farmer’s market. She sat down to buy and eat from one of the stalls and she got into a conversation with the lady seated next to her, ‘C’.  ‘M’ was telling ‘C’ in between the bites about her sneezing problems. ‘C’ said she had read about it and asked her if she has pigeons in her area. ‘M’ shook her head in affirmative. ‘C’ said that ‘M’ will need to call bird control as the particles from the bird’s droppings when inhaled cause respiratory problems. ‘C’ also shared that she had information about the people ‘M’ will need to call. She also suggested to ‘M’ to wear surgical masks till she could get the situation under control. She had read all the information from the same article.

Case Study: ’G’ after having lost her father came back to work on the 5th day as she needed the money for the new bills that had suddenly come up due to the funeral arrangements. ‘G’ was working as a waitress in a café that served brunch too. She was sad, she took breaks, found a quiet corner, sob, collected herself and get back to her duties. The manager was a kind man and he let her do the job as she could. He asked another colleague of hers to keep an eye on her and support her with the customers. ‘G’ was doing the job properly and so customers did not seem to notice any difference in service. Then something caught everyone’s attention. Everyone in the restaurant distinctly remembers that incident. A couple came in at around 12.30pm. They were new customers. The lady really stood out. She was in a bright yellow long dress with a slit on the left side and low back. Her hair was long and white. ‘G’ was standing closest to them and she just came back after one of her sobbing breaks and saw them unattended so ‘G’ went to attend to them. The lady was looking at the menu and she suddenly looked at ‘G’, her eyes welled up. She stood up and gently placed her hands on ‘G’s. ‘G’ was holding a paper and pen and was about to write their order. ‘G’ did not know what to make of this. The lady said, “he does not want to see you cry, he says doesn’t worry all will be taken care of, he has made arrangements.” ‘G’ with a frown on her face asked, “who?” The lady replied, “your pops honey.” ‘G’ used to call her father pops. The lady was a medium psychic and was in the area for a meeting. She and her husband decided to visit this nearby café for a late breakfast. She was requested by ‘G’s dear recently departed father to give the message when she visited the cafe. And she did.

So next time you hear someone jabbering away to you or near you, do not turn a deaf ear. There could be a message for you or you could have some information for them. Also, do not hesitate to share in case you remember or realise that you have some information relevant to the other person/people. Messages or answers sometimes come as a dream and sometimes as intuition. Messages or answers could come from something similar that has or is happening in your space or you get info from someone you know.

If you have not seen this before or much then that is because people hesitate. They are not sure. They are formal. They are not friendly. They just don’t care. You or the other person gets the message or answer because you are the right person for the job. You need to know that Universe is also making this alignment for the contribution that each one involved has to make maybe for a short span or in long term. The contribution is right away or it could be significant for future. Even the behaviors and interactions constitute as messages or answers. If the person is being harsh, then deal with the situation as best as you can but, remember to review to understand your learning there. If the messages or answers come in a loving manner then do not get swayed. In either way do not avoid, dismiss, ignore or dilute them. Listen to them and decipher them.

We are all connected by energy network. One that is a willing contributor gets this opportunity to share by receiving or giving messages or answers. The messages or answers do not transfer sometimes because the willingness changes into unwillingness mainly because of fear of rejection. You may decide not to give the information or you may refuse to accept the answer. It is most certainly a choice. Your safety is prime. If you feel safe maybe you could find a way to give or receive the message or answer and then see the interesting chain of events that this message or answer may be responsible for.


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Thank You and Best Wishes
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