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Perspectives are many and are at individual level. FACT is one and common to all. The expression of your understanding using the fact you have accepted is a PERSPECTIVE. Perspective without acceptance or knowledge of the fact is an OPINION. You have a choice to agree or agree to disagree.
fact perspective opinion

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Dear Friend!
Two sisters of the same family. They still may not have a similar upbringing. They were possibly exposed to similar experiences, similar behavior or treatment if not exactly the same. What they chose to see and imbibe was based on their individual life experiences which is a combination of observation, understanding and a reaction or response to that.

Even when two people go to a restaurant and order the same dish from the menu, cooked by the same chef in the same sitting. They may like or dislike it. Even if both like it, there is a great possibility they will like it for their own reasons.

The two sisters had a salaried dad earning by working on weekdays for someone else and a homemaker as a mom who did all the household chores, she took care of all the arrangements but was not taking any direct responsibilities. The actual responsibility was of the dad.

One sister determined an understanding that the household to-do lists is the female of the house’s resident profile. While the other sister was clear that it can be delegated to a manager and she need not be directly involved but was clear that it needs to be done right and to her satisfaction.

Now, on what basis did they develop and decide their respective viewpoints that they were so convinced to follow. The first sister did well in studies, was a rank holder and won awards in extra-curricular activities like essay writing. The second one never passed all the subjects and only time she got a gift on the sports day when she paid for it. Neither were given training by their mom for kitchen work or knitting. Their mom had told them in clear words that she wanted them to study. Truth is the mom’s mom did not teach her and so she was a self-learned cook. The first one took up cooking every time their parents stepped out for social reasons. All the siblings at home ate the food she cooked even if it was no were close to their mom’s cooking. But other than that she took no other responsibility of the house and would get angry when the responsibility of teaching the siblings was thrust on her by the father. The second one was willing to do all the other household work including cleaning the toilets, running errands and all that she thought she could do. She did not cook unless it came upon to arrange food for herself. Of the two sisters, one had formed an understanding, that was directing her to all that her mom did. The other sister was doing all that her dad did. Both did not completely follow mom or dad. How could they, they were different individuals than their mom and dad. Both decided to form their rules basing on what they saw. Each molded their own perspective. Neither had access or knowledge of the fact.

Perspectives are many and at the individual level.
Fact is one and common for all.
In an event when the knowledge of the fact is missing, perspectives arise.
You have a choice to agree or agree to disagree.

For the sisters what could be the fact here? It could be their survival individually in a way that is better than what they were living, by doing what they were best at doing. Every time the roles were reversed they were miserable, made mistakes and they struggled.

Finding and accepting the fact, now that is another ball-game. It completely depends on what is your extent of research and knowledge and belief and trust. What you make out of all this is YOUR fact. In truth, the fact is common to all and they are usually very simple. The expression of your understanding using the fact you have accepted is a perspective. But, the people on the planet are too varied and therefore the willingness to accept a fact as fact also varies. The variation that there is, is of opinion, not the fact. Perspective without acceptance or knowledge of the fact is an opinion. Opinions are important as that shows that your mind, your brain, your vocal system is functioning. You could be grateful for that.

With knowledge of the fact, you develop and express your perspective. With sharing and using of perspective comes responsibility. With opinion, there is no such thing.

So if you are keen to know the fact then, the only way to get to it is by having the resources of time, money, willingness and energy to put in to know it. Which again will extend to your investment of your resources.
Be willing to change and grow with knowledge. Then,  the acceptance of change in your knowledge of the fact is key to easy, smooth and fast growth.

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