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The physical manifestation of disease with its symptoms surfacing is the sickness. The contributory factors are the thoughts, lifestyle choices and action taken or lack of it.

The physical manifestation of disease takes a long time. It is initially detected at the energy level. Appearance at the physical level happens after the energy levels in the charkas are affected. There is congestion or depression of energy at the chakras.

But why fall sick at all? This is the body’s way of communicating. Your body and various parts of the body, external and internal work in co-operation with each other for the efficient functioning of you. Some functions in your body are voluntary while other functions involuntarily, relentlessly and at its required pace. Change in the way they function can cause adverse situations in the health.

You are an energy being. The flow of energy follows the law of science water seeks its own level. Just as water always finds a way to come to one or same level regardless there is more water in one pipe and less in the other. The only condition is that the pipes have to be connected.

Similarly, as energy beings, you are constantly giving energy to where there is low energy. It could be to a person, animal, thing, thought or an environment. The only condition is that both parties have to be willing and open to exchange the energy. This could be happening knowingly or unknowingly, but the yes in willingness is a must. Once the energy level goes down you need to be mindful of replenishing. The re-energising happens from the place where there is energy in abundance and there is no dearth. That is the Source. You need to, therefore, keep breathing it in. Visualise white high energy light streaming in through your crown chakra. Mediate with either your eyes closed or open. When you ignore or forget to bring up the energy in your body which in turn is responsible for the vibration variation and vice versa, you start the lowering of energies in your chakras. The effect is on the body for the parts that they are responsible for.

Your body is in direct and regular communication with you. Sometimes you are not able to listen because you are too distracted by the noise. The noise is the self-critical, self-hatred, self-lessening self-conversations self-generated or influenced by others. These are low in vibration. You lose energy here. These blocks the energy from Source from entering in you. To raise your energy you need to say self-motivating, self-loving, self-approving, self-accepting, self-respecting conversations. These open the channels for the energy to come rushing in. This raises your energy and vibration. You fall sick because you have not been able to do that.

You want to rest and the only way you can give yourself permission to give heed to your body is because of the surfacing of the symptoms in the form of internal malaise or visible indicators.

Toxins get accumulated in body and mind over a period of time.  Energy healing is cleaning and energizing the chakras. Regular energy healing is highly recommended. Functional training and cardio help in releasing the toxins from the muscles and skin, fasting or ketogenic diet releases the toxins from the digestive and circulatory system, Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT or tapping also helps in releasing emotional toxins, and Kundalini yoga releases toxins from the respiratory system and other organs.

Stay connected with the Source for guidance and energy. The proof of the Source to be the ultimate high energy and high vibration bank comes from people who have had the NDA that is Near Death Experiences that go to the Source diseased but start to heal exponentially after returning and from very sick people who miraculously start looking and feeling better just before they die. They look better because they are nearing the Source.

There has been scientific published evidence on the advantages of exercises and there are people who have published their achievement of healing themselves with words that are vibration raising and eating organic food, along with releasing low vibrational feelings by pillow beating, acupressure foot massage and/ or kickboxing.

So meditate regularly. Affirm wonderful conversations with yourself about yourself. Exercise regularly. Stay happy.

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