Move your Child, Partner, Relatives, Pets, Ideas, Situations and You own self from excuse system to SUPPORT SYSTEM.
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Dear Friend!
You wait for that what you want to create. The waiting is for the ideal and conducive reason, season and/or environment to do your thing. Maybe what you are waiting for is your quieter, warmer, cooler, harmonious place, right/bright idea, comfortable setting, the right energy, or end of the timeline. The thing you want to do could be work, exercise, nap, meditate, write, read, eat, catch up on your entertainment or a phone call, dance, heal, even to affirm or think.

To commence, take forward, or to finish you wait. If what you are waiting for does not present itself or you have not been able to arrange that then, what would be your next move? Do you make the best of what you have in hand or do you find whys and wherefores of you not being able to do what you want to do? You could choose to include the present arrangement as part of your to-do plan. It is not the matter of the arrangement not being what you are supposing it is about making the best of what you have. Use variations of it.
Can you do that? Or are you too stringent and particular of the accessories, appendages, arrangements, provisions, and preparations?  When these don’t match your desired attributes of the plan, do you postpone or stop and if so then why you do that? Do you know why are you so conscious, aware, bothered or disturbed by the presence of another person or another situation? It is because you are trying to be what you are not. You have created the story in your mind that is saying to you to behave in a certain manner in a certain situation or in front of a certain person. This is reiteration to yourself that you are not ready to explore.

If you want to be as a certain yourself in the presence a certain person, animal, location or situation, then that is your comfort zone. When you need to do something out of your comfort zone do you expect them to change for you? Maybe for you to change or asking others to change is mentally and physically a lot of work. Maybe you don’t think you, it or they can change for you. You, therefore, wait for them to make that space for you in a way they choose.

If your functioning is in association with someone or something else and they or that is not aligning with you, does that become your excuse for not taking the action as you wanted or not at all? Don’t sacrifice or compromise. Motivate, inspire, persuade, encourage and enthuse yourself. Look for alternatives but be committed to doing your bit. Change or alter schedule, timing, step out of your comfort zone, take steps even if it is baby steps. Better still include what does not align as a part and reason for your moving forward. Include them in your daily routine, in your decision making, decision altering, and other activities. And thus, convert them into your support system.

There are going to be situations where you will justify your not taking the action and convince the step as not a necessary one. But if it gives and puts you in guilt it is an excuse.
Sometimes you see the need for the excuses to keep you from doing what you want to do but what you should not do. Maybe what you want to do is not safe. Safety of yours and others are prime.

So pay attention to those excuses. They could also be teaching you or bringing you better or different options. And again they become a part of better support system that motivates and directs you towards something that is life-enhancing and fun.

The excuse system that is toughest and most important consists of you.
‘Am I ready?’, ‘Will this work for me?’, ‘O what so important about me?’ Such doubtful questions where you are invariably looking for external validation are all excuses. Have you tried today or have you allowed the never tried or past experience(s) of yours or others dictate your present step.

Find reasons to do your part this will start to lessen whatever is keeping you from doing your part.   Make yourself as your best part of the support system.
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Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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