Approval and Understanding

Approval is what you intend to achieve by convincing. Dispatch of approval is connected to your understanding.

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Dear Friend!

You honestly cannot keep putting in your energy and effort in trying to convince others.

Approval is what you intend to achieve by convincing.

Approval is an important contribution for associating and working in co-operation. It is part of both receiving and accepting. It could be motivating and it could also be limiting, depending on the presence or absence of the approval.
Where there is approval there thrives every motivational aspect that there can be to move forward. Processes are smooth and seamless. Work gets done. Life progresses and prospers. Where approval is lacking or scanty there is stagnation and worry. Everything for which you seek approval and every other thing that is related to it becomes sluggish and non-creative. Its affects are on the productivity and progress.

Dispatch of approval is connected to your understanding.

Every single person has an understanding which is their own. Even if they have spilled out what might seem to convey their understanding in words, gestures and/or in body language, in actuality their understanding could vary from what you are gathering based on the output. Understanding is a combination of availability of earlier information, your own experience, your interpretation, and your willingness to witness a happening as is, without influence from other factors.

Where there is love and respect the approval flows easily and the expression of understanding sways towards what might promote approval. Where there is doubt, fear and disdain the approval is tainted. Everything is difficult here. Explaining, proving, convincing or even stating your version is not given an easy pass or even a chance. A judgment gets formed, the jury is out and there is no scope for appeal. In such a state you putting in resources in excess than required may go futile and will not yield the desired result.
To have guidance or advice on the outlay of right extent of resources you need to connect with your feelings in you and in your body. If the feelings are low vibrations such as heaviness on the upper back or a lumpy sensation near throat, energy draining, anger, frustration or stress then you need to pause. You need to reassess and reroute your resources.

All the routes must lead to you. You need to convince your own self. They all need to pour into self-assurance. Because of this, you will realise that you don’t need to keep proving yourself. You believe in yourself. So you stand by yourself. You only convince yourself.

You most definitely do present your understanding clearly to yourself and then to whom so ever you wish to share it with. It could be your need to discuss your understanding, it could be your discretion to share, it could be your necessity to keep someone in the loop, it could be because your care or it could because you want to brag. The choice is all yours.

You supporting yourself in expressing the version of the understanding, in deciding the input of resources, and in deciding to whom to share it with, all in all constitute you believing in you. This is essentially all you will ever need to do.

Continue with the life action steps that are required. But do it for the respect of what is yours. That is your understanding of whatever you seek approval for. You don’t ever need to defend that. You need to support and be clear on your understanding about it. You just need to trust, be open to new information that can contribute to your understanding of it. You don’t need to turn a blind eye, ignore, guard or shield. If there is something not right, you accept. You do not criticise. That what needs change or enhancements you agree. You focus on the changes or enhancements that are required and take action in that direction.

You extend the same courtesy to that what comes to you for approval. You be willing to know their understanding. If there are anomalies between the understandings then, you still give approval by respectfully being on the side of your understanding and by agreeing to disagree. If you are presented with new information later that can change your understanding then, be honest with yourself about it. You can share your change in understanding with others depending on their availability in becoming the part of this changed understanding.

You loyalty, love and respect for your own everything will always suffice.

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