why feel to heal

Why feel to heal? – Wednesday Why?
Why feel to heal

Question: “Coaches and counselors say that feeling is healing. So, my question is, do I really need to feel what I went through during a traumatic situation in order to heal or learn lessons. Do we really need to feel to heal?”
Question from Mrs. Rashmi Harish (Stem cell graduate, Yoga teacher, Tarot card reader)
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Dear Friend!

Why do we need to feel in order to heal?

Jokes are cracked and wish is stated to express frustration, while reflecting on the question, ‘How did that make you feel?’

The reactions are not on the question. It is because of the lack of understanding of the question and therefore the inability to answer it. There are same or similar questions related to feeling or feelings that are either responded with uncertain replies or a very honest ‘no idea.’  So let’s understand what is a feeling and what significance does it hold in your life.

What is a feeling? A feeling is a knowing or cognizance. It is connected to your knowledge of what is beneficial to you and what is hurtful or harmful to you. This knowledge is your own or adapted, but you are connected with it in a deeply rooted manner and is implanted in your mind.

The way to decide on your feelings is through sensation in the body in combination with the cognizance and through vibrations. There are only two levels of vibrations, high and low. There is an array of feelings. There is a link between feelings and vibrations. Feelings are communicated to the Inner Self, the Higher Self, the Angels the Source and your Universe through the vibrations. Why do you need to communicate with them? They are the guiding party for you. You communicate to place your questions to them, for which you seek answers or guidance. They are so allied that they can be used as synonyms for each other to comprehend a particular life situation or experience. Your feelings and vibrations are influenced or affected by the words. Each word has a meaning or a definition. It is what you have deciphered either using your knowledge, experience, and understanding or from that of your influencers. These meaning gets attached particular feeling and thus vibration.

You like or dislike based on this reversible, to and fro, or two way step from knowledge to feeling and feeling to knowledge. You like something so you know you like it so you feel you like it. You feel likeness for something because you know that you like that thing and thus you like that thing.

Life situations and experiences are stored as memory.  The version of the memory stored depends on kind of influence the events and parts of the life has had on you. Each and every memory has a feeling attached to it. Some are vivid or easy to recall. While others are obscure or embedded deep within. Some of these experiences are sometimes stored only as the feelings.  As you gain understanding and implement changes for a particular life situation or experience, you evolve and so does its version in your memory. This also changes the feelings and vibrations connected to them accordingly. The major gems of evolving are gaining learning, expressing gratitude, forgiving, letting go, and taking action steps to moving forward. When you are in an unhealed situation all your feelings are of low vibrations. On commencement of the healing journey and for the implementation of the healing solutions you require data from your own life. To truly heal you need to genuinely understand all aspects of the situation, as many as available. Your memory of it based on the fact as per you that is your perception, information gathered from others, the feelings attached to that and the vibrations surfacing when the same matter is addressed. Feelings play an essential role in detecting the transformation from unhealed to a healed state of a life situation. From the distress on recalling the incident, resistance in undergoing the process to contentment on the completion of the learning, the unruffled or tranquil when that particular life situation is mentioned or discussed are all experienced at the feelings level.

You, therefore, don’t ever need to re-live the whole episode if you don’t wish to, you just need to know the feelings connected/ associated with it. The difficulty level rises when there is inability or friction in acknowledging the feelings. Once acknowledged it can be resolved. If you stay in denial the healing prescription will be misdirected or will not proceed.

It can be tough. You don’t need to do this on your own. Do this under the supervision of a trusted Life Coach or use healings techniques that you know will help you reduce the intensity when you are dealing with it on your own.

Once you are healed the high vibration feelings are extremely exhilarated and life-enhancing. Such wins are going to motivate you to connect with your feelings more often, regardless they fetch you healing from the past or bring you fun experiences in the present.  Then you will want to feel it to more than heal it.

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