you are here to co-create

You are not here to be independent, you are here to co-create. That is the real FREEDOM. That is the true form of LIVING.
you are here to co-create

IADLife Next Chapter:

Dear Friend!

Do you ask for help? Have you experienced rejection of any kind when asked for help, assistance, co-operation, suggestion or collaboration? What constitutes rejection for you? How do you establish what has been a rejection? It varies from person to person. People leaving your space, your association or planet also registers as rejection. It could be an informed leaving or an unexpected one. The snubbing/rejection could be on purpose or inadvertent. Question to be pondered over is that what makes it so permanent or stringent that it keeps you from asking for a contribution in future? With this kind of experience what makes the re-approach difficult?

Rejection seems like a complete end and a stop to what you are asking. You take a no, from some easily and from others not so easily. That is because that does stop you from going for what you are asking for. Where you see no path ahead, you accept the rejection there. If this is left un-dealt with or un-assessed, it causes quick reactions of avoidance to similar experiences. That is for a simple reason that you don’t have a solution to that yet. This causes hurt. This hurt from rejection is the reason for limitation in expression and creativity. This can be a causative agent for you to want to leave or you to want others to leave. So either you leave their space or they leave your space. Your flight response could be due to the closeness of the association, surprise unexpected attitude or behaviour, your own pre-ingrained mental instructions, or fear of further rejection and hurt.

In such an event you would look in the direction where you have no rejection or less rejection. You want freedom from these rejections. You would want to be independent. But, then that is neither rational nor is it reasonable.

From the bed that you slept in, the floor you are walking on, the rug that you wipe your feet, the bathroom, kitchen amenities and rest of the other steps you take to live your daily life, like the road, the electricity, the water supply, all has contribution of you and someone else. You provide the costing, currency, payments for these directly or indirectly. You also provide jobs to all who have provided these to you. All this you co-created with someone.

Whether you are solving such a situation at a personal level or a professional level thinking you can separate yourself and then have a life, is a tall order. To achieve that you may have to go to the Himalayas to settle. In asking for a separation you may end up attracting situations where you lose relationships, opportunities, experiences but the core cause that was the reason for this wishing still remains in your space. So first get clear with the objective behind this wanting to be independent.

Understand what rejection is. Rejections are only lack of alignment rather than any lack in you.

What you are actually asking for is that, ‘you are comfortable’, ‘you have people who contribute to your life in a loving and/or respecting manner’, ‘all that you desire to get done, gets done in the desired manner’, ‘ you are in a mutually beneficial association’, ‘all your relationships are with love, joy, and grace’. Get clear on what your requirement is and be open to receiving that or something higher. This is for your close relationships as well as for service providing relationships.

You may be attached to the source with which, when and how you wish to co-create. But then that limits your options. You don’t need to let go anything, you need to focus on what you wish to co-create. And be flexible in the when and how in the co-creation.

Your security is always prime. If you ever feel a high level of discomfort then you please decide to leave.

If you have been seeking freedom, then seek freedom from all that is limiting you. There are always alternative ways, means, people, processes, methods, ideas, plans that will only show you a way forward.

Continue your life experiences with people and have fun co-creating with them.

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Thank You and Best Wishes
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