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why get angry

Why get angry? – Wednesday Why?

Question from Mrs. Manasa K Naik. (Ayurvedic doctor, Mother, Wife)

why get angry
Dear Friend!

Case Study: ‘K’ was angry that her husband did not share all the information with him. He told her that if he shared his plans with her, then his plans were not succeeding. He told her that she brought him bad luck. If he has something important coming up and he told her then that does not work out.

To that ‘K’ said that she does not know much about what he does. Whatever he is going for he will have it and if he deserves it.

She said she did not believe what he told about her but she use to not reply to these rude allegations.

The very first information that ‘K’ needs to know is that there is nothing like bad luck. There are low energies and low vibrations. Energy seeks its own level. Whatever is the energy around it will move from higher to lower level to bring a uniformity. When comment such as in the case study above is passed, the person giving the comment is in low energy and thus it lowers the energy of the person to whom it’s given. Provided both the giver and receiver are connected and willing to give and receive.  The receiver which is now in low vibration then passes on the counter-comment as reciprocation such as in case study above. The words are neither motivating nor life-enhancing.

Words and actions have the power. If either party is willing to accept the comment then and only then it starts to appear true in each of their lives.

Each of you is still working out what deservability is and what you deserve. You are born with hundred percent deservability. Outside influence and your acceptance of it may result in lowering of deservability. What reduces is your understanding of your deservability. And this is very limiting. It limits you from opening up or approaching anything without fear of being rejected. Limitation of any kind is not beneficial for mind and body.

Anger has everything to do with suppressed emotions. The limitation is as a result of these suppressed emotions. The reason for anger is lack of clarity. Confusion is the basis of anger.

When the repercussions or the aftermath of anger is not according to your expectation or is not according to your taste then, that causes stress. As stress and tension accumulate the ability to cerebrate become less efficient. That is because all your energy goes into the stress induced thinking and actions.

Instead, if you could choose to be certain that nothing is wrong with you or whatever be the case you will not declare or treat yourself as a guilty party. If you are spoken to in a way that is not agreeable to you like what happened with ‘K’ in the case study, then ‘K’  could say better things about herself. If ‘K’ is unable to verbalise then she could say it in her mind.

Don’t justify others actions or even yours. Acknowledge what you think is responsible for you getting this anger behaviour and say solution oriented sentences about you. When you are angry with others it is you blaming you, but the words and direction of energy flow seem as if it is about others.

Anger is also a habit. If you don’t know how to express yourself. You look at others to know how to express. Incidentally, if people with who you get influenced by are angry expressing ones and you get noticed only when you express with anger then that is what you adapt and carry it out in a repetitive manner. And thus it becomes your habit. You don’t know where and when to stop. This is how you have learned to express or react to every behavior you disagree with or you think you are disagreeing with and anger becomes your only recourse.

As soon as you see that nothing is wrong with you or the moment you are clear about accepting yourself or you decide to stand by yourself no matter what, you will notice that there is no basis of anger. You will notice anger diminish or disappear towards the very insinuations that were causing it to surface.

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