forgiveness aided by gratitude

“When forgiveness is difficult, has not worked or is taking time then switch to GRATITUDE.
Forgiveness works seamlessly and beautifully when aided by GRATITUDE.”
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Dear friend,

Hurt heals with forgiveness. Hurt comes with learning. Un-forgiveness persists when the understanding, acknowledgment, complete understanding of the learning is incomplete or has yet to happen.

In a hurt situation, you could be grateful for the learning.

Learning is pertaining to the understanding of dos and donts. What to do or what not to do and what should be or what it should not be. You can choose to shift the focus from the person or the situation and direct your attention towards what you have learned. Bombard your thoughts with all that is good, beneficial and working in your space. This reduces anger, frustration, and stress. Thus there is a shift in focus and instead of attracting the hurt again you start to attract more of all that is good, beneficial and all that is working in your space. This raises your vibration, brings in self-confidence.

If you are carrying hurt by someone or by some incident in your life, the only way to move forward is forgiveness. Sometimes it may happen that your memory of past hurt keeps surfacing and is keeping you from achieving the complete forgiveness.

Forgiveness is now feasible. Because you will now be able to see that you have more than the hurt that was keeping you from moving forward in life. It was the un-forgiveness.

You start noticing and attracting more of what is desirable and life-enhancing. Recognising and stepping out of the quicksand of un-forgiveness is now a realisation.

When something hurtful happens in your life. You heal yourself by self-forgiveness because you are responsible for what you attract in your life. So now you can be responsible for the healing of your life.

Dr. Hew Len’s Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is known for opening your heart chakra. It’s based around four key phrases.

“I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I Love you.”


Thus substantiating the understanding that gratitude paves way for the forgiveness to take place.

In case you have been able to forgive but have not have been able to quite stay there then gratitude smoothens the way and supports you to exponentially stay in the space of forgiveness.


Gratitude eliminates or converts fear, anger, frustration, irritation, and stress into something more calmer and accepting.


Case study, “D was constantly getting irritated and felt the temper and head heaviness. The irritation was on the person, thing, conversation, viewpoint or event and just about anything. He was himself getting perplexed at his internal and sometimes external outbursts. Very soon stomach acidity and Hematochezia,  caused him to sit up and take notice.

On taking counselling, it was understood that the stacking of anger toward a close relative was causing this anomaly in the feelings and behaviour. He had been unable to forgive and this was causing the piling up of hurt and anger that surfaced every now and then, wherever there was a scope of un-forgiveness.

For the physical manifestation of the disease, the energy healing along with gratitude practice was recommended. Gratitude in or toward every single thing that would even cause a hint of irritation was now mandatory for him. Initially, when he started with the gratitude practice, he found it very difficult to find anything to be grateful for because, at every instance, the un-forgiveness would start to surface. So it was suggested to him to look for gratitude in other things along with the subject that was causing the upsurge of anger or irritation. So he started looking for what else can he be grateful for in and around his life. The moment he did that, he started calming down. Eventually, looking for gratitude towards the point of irritation now became a possibility. Forgiveness was close and was next to follow. He dedicatedly gave time to do the exercise to find what he could be grateful for with the close relative he had been harboring so much of un-forgiveness toward. It took him few days of sitting but he noticed that he did not feel anger every time the close relative’s name was mentioned or a related thought crossed his mind. Thus this gratitude practice lead to forgiveness.

His health got better and he did not feel the stress as much as he had been feeling before the practice.”

The un-forgiveness is what blocks your visibility to the blessings in a difficult situation or with a difficult person. To keep your focus on what you truly desire and want to attract, it is essential to let go all the reasons and excuses that are keeping you from achieving that.

“When forgiveness is difficult, has not worked or is taking time then, switch to gratitude. Forgiveness works  seamlessly and beautifully  when aided by GRATITUDE.”

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