What is in a term?- Nepotism

What’s in a term? – Nepotism.

what is in a term-nepotism
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What is in a term? NepotismCase Study: Client: “Some people in my workplace look down on nepotism? I got my job on a recommendation. I just take it as if they are commenting on me. Maybe they are maybe they are not, but I feel low when I don’t have anything to contribute to this topic. How do I make myself feel better? I really need this job.”Counsellor: Get clear about what does this term mean for you. Clearly, the meaning of the term that you have adapted from others is in the same lines as your colleagues you are mentioning. These others are your caregivers, your friends or teachers that you trusted. Now create your own meaning. You have been told some points about ‘nepotism’. It goes against the stringent thinking connected to ‘earning what you receive.’ Until you get clear with your definition, be open to hearing new definitions from others. Here is my personal definition and viewpoint of the term or the action called ‘nepotism.’I am personally a big fan of ‘nepotism.’ According to my personal understanding ‘nepotism’ is defined as a recommendation for someone, based on who you want to extend the support or help. I believe it is not meant to climb the stairs or walk all the way to the top. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Taking the elevator or an escalator is the help or an opportunity. Accepting the opportunity and doing your bit to contribute at a level that you need to contribute is your responsibility. Once you have the opportunity to reach till a certain place on your way to the top, from there surviving, excelling, and your productivity is on you. If you have the opportunity to be at a certain level and you accept that but, you have fear or guilt thoughts regarding the acceptance of the opportunity then, you may not fair/do well or do justice with the opportunity provided and you may lose the opportunity. Any company, business, project or task to move forward successfully it requires to be productive. For that, it requires productive people to be involved in it. That is right or even the best people for it. If you have been chosen, you must be the right fit in the final tapestry/picture.If an opportunity has been presented to you that means you are ready for it. You contemplating its social ethics and second-guessing is you showing self-doubt and this is complete lack of gratitude.When you show doubt in your readiness or preparedness to receive what comes with accepting of the opportunity, it is then that you receive the bad appraisals, jealous comments or adverse comments regarding you or of cases similar to you. These are a reflection of your thinking.  If according to you, you are failing or not good enough for the job then, it only means that your energy, focus, care, and attention is more on others.It is time to bring that energy, focus, care, and attention to you. Do what you have accepted the opportunity to do. Stop looking for approval from anyone else. First, give all that approval that you are seeking to your achievement of receiving the opportunity and to the opportunity itself. This you can do by celebrating and by working hard and smart to prove yourself in the job. Understanding what the hirer goes through with nepotism could also help. So, now what about people who have been thrust into a situation where they HAVE to hire someone through recommendation or because of nepotism? Sa a hirer, if you are open to giving them a chance to see how they perform in the job or if you have had good experiences attracting the right resources then, you would just look forward to their contribution. If you are not aligned with the decision and it is a forceful one then it will require a lot of evidence for you to be convinced that the person hired is the right choice. If you are certain that this person who has come through nepotism is not the right choice then, find out whether this opinion of yours is ‘job-oriented’ or ‘person oriented.’ If you care about the job that needs to get done then, shift the energy, focus, care, and attention to all that is getting done. If the good/important chunk of work still needs to be done then if you can, hire another person to do the rest. If your lack of acceptability is  ‘person oriented’ then, find out what about the person do you not like. It is the characteristics within you that you need or you wish to change. So work on that. Get comfortable and get the work done.  With all this knowledge about nepotism, both parties and from both sides, get to work. Be it a network, pull, connections, or inheritance, it is all yours. Allow this help. Give permission for these opportunities to enter your space. What happens next, how do you manage, and how you express your creative ideas is entirely up to you. Aim to do well there and go above that.

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