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prosperity converts

Prosperity converts jealousy into admiration and inspiration.

prosperity converts

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Dear Friend

Prosperity converts jealousy into admiration and inspiration. Case study: ‘C’ had a puppy love with her college sweetheart. Both had the same circle of friends. When ‘C’ and her boyfriend started to getting involved, two of their friends teased her and told secrets about her boyfriend in a way that seemed like it was deliberately meant to demotivate her from the relationship and dissuading her to take the relationship forward. Each teasing was accompanied with an undertone of, ‘buts.’ Her boyfriend, on the other hand, was getting information about ‘C’ that she had low confidence, she isn’t that great in her subject, and she gets into fights with boys. There were comments at her personal level too like, her parents were quite conservative and she had not told he parents yet. It was hurtful to ‘C’. However, when ‘C’ and her boyfriend met she was particularly mindful of talking only about hopeful things about the future and the relationship. As they all graduated everyone moved into different directions in the area of study, career and different parts of the world. When the social networking sites came into the picture, some of her friends decided to connect. ‘C’ responded in acceptance. ‘C’ had two sons, and was working in a corporate and was married to her same college boyfriend. On knowing this, the same friends who were unsupportive started speaking about her in a new tune. Her friends wrote on the group message how they were inspired by her. How she created a life she always desired. One friend messaged, ‘you made it.’ Her fight with boys now became her ability to speak her mind, her grades that were low was now being seen as irrelevant and that she always knew that her excellence would reflect in productivity and progress at her job. What seemed to be her low confidence was interpreted as her certainty in direction and therefore she did not need to be vociferous about it. She was being admired for the respect she had for her parents. According to one the naysayer friend, ‘that was the reason she wanted to share about her boyfriend with her parents only if she was very sure about her relationship with him.’ It was ‘C’s’ prosperity in life that had changed everyone’s viewpoint. It had created an expansion in the mindset to see with evidence what is possible. Such plausibility removes the resistance which had surfaced as a mark of unachievability, and which had been causing the jealousy and thus was responsible for the spurting of the disaffirmations.    This applies to your attitude towards your life too. When there is profit, benefit or gain from the very life experiences you have been self-criticising, self-blaming and getting stressed or upset about, with yourself and/or others, you will now be able to see it in a new light. Feelings of hate or hurt towards it will now convert into something light and pleasurable. All this is the magic of prosperity. You become more allowing towards yourself. The experiences that once seemed as your blockage now become the path or a stepping stone for desire manifestation. So when there is trouble, still keep going. Don’t let it be a reason or an excuse to stop. In retrospect, you will be able to see the essence of the trouble and will go down in memory lane as another life experience.

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