2018 The Year That Was.

2018: The Year That Was.


IADLifeNextChapter: https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/2018-the-year-that-was

It was a year of self-healing and learning. There were new programs launched at IADLife and we had a new set of clientele from diverse backgrounds. The highlight of that was ‘the gratitude’, vision board making, de-cluttering, workshop for corporates – online workshops.
I spoke about the #meToo movement (link: https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/2018/10/12/metooforpeople). I have always been of opinion that everyone deserves healing and that healing can expedite when ‘all’ come together. ‘Hurt people hurt people’, so in this sensitive environment of pain and blame, channelizing of healing becomes selective. This will only bring healing to some, while the other people instead of receiving/taking healing may find another means to hurt by not getting caught. And because of that, the hurt might continue. Bullies and abusers of all age groups and genders need to be attended too to understand and heal the underlying causative reason for the hurt. (link: https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/2017/01/03/choose-someone-your-size).
My understanding of the guidance from a higher source is getting clearer. I am in a place to take actions and argue less on them, ‘but….I thought/I want…’ has reduced. I move forward with faith and excitement.
Being responsible for my actions and the life experiences I have attracted were yet another courageous realisation that gives me a new power to solve and come to the ‘why’s’ of the life.
All this is making me a better and better life coach and also gives me the space to explore the creative geniuses within me.
What other growth and prosperity did I see? I am less nervous about my future and my life status. I tell myself that it counts. But the desires are very clear to me. I continue to ask for guidance on how to manifest them. This gives me the motivation to get up in the morning, keep going, moving forward, complete the pending ideas and have the courage to embrace bigger and better opportunities and set an intention of receiving bigger and better returns.
It is great to stay in touch, so keep writing to me at iadlife.welfare@gmail.com. Let’s keep creating something fun for all of us.
Thank you and wish you a very happy and fun 2019.
What do you say when someone wishes you?
Just say ‘Thank you for the affirmation.’
Reena Yadav.

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