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Journey till now


My Journey till now.


# By this year 2019, I am now writing what I understand and know about this field which I have coined as, ‘Human Science.’ My job description includes authoring books from IADLife sayings and research data (specifically mine), entrepreneurial and administrative responsibilities, life coaching, training, and energy healing.

# We at IADLife have introduced most of the IADLife services distantly or online. This is to increase the network and for a larger reach all over the planet.

# I work and lead IADLife with full gusto. I started this venture in the year 2013. At that time my only focus was to read and study about life full time. It’s A DESERVING Life, was started to support me to pay my bills, and of course, I was as I am still, convinced that it is hugely beneficial to all who are willing to take the services.

# At Genotypic, Bangalore I was fortunate that I was to be able to work on all aspects and process of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), as coordinator of the long term projects. I was there for approximately 10 months and the growth I saw in me was multi-fold. I give all the credit and am pleasantly grateful to the founders of the company, a couple of people I was reporting to and to all the people who were responsible for me getting the job.

# My previous experiences include me working at AstraZeneca R&D India, (2002-2012) on drug discovery on Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv. At AZ I was working on drug discovery projects and have made an in-depth bioinformatics-genomics contribution towards target prioritization, selection, qualification, and evaluation.

My gratitude towards AZ is endless. I was supported, sheltered, trained, and funded as I went through the toughest time of my life. Here I was also globally exposed to the nuances of interactions, which now I know has trained me to be a very comfortable conversationalist. This attribute of mine comes to great use while I carry out my work at IADLife.

Note from me: My introduction to human science was a few years ago and it had immediately resounded with me. I have studied this science for many years now and I can confidently and irrevocably call myself an expert in this field.
This field has revealed that the human body is an amazing healing machine, and it just needs to be reminded that it has that quality and ability to self-heal. Changing ones thought pattern can change and thus heal health, enhance aspirations, manifest desires and explain life. Tools that support such an astounding process are many. All that I have learned I apply and make it available to all through IADLife services.

We at IADLife aim and intend to bring joy to billions of people all over the planet through many ideas that I have. For that, I need your support, participation, and contribution through collaboration. I would love to discuss my ideas with you. A brief description of all that for which we are looking for collaboration is in

This is my journey till now. I pray that I move forward to fulfill the intentions of IADLife and mine as I move forward. Full speed ahead. God’s speed.