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say Self-Empowering Statements right now

say Self-Empowering Statements right now
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Summary, ” When you are feeling low and sad, instead of mulling over a situation or a mistake, try this self-empowering exercise. Build yourself up by empowering sentences. Do not beat yourself down with self-criticism. Say self-empowering statements to yourself right then. Notice how your feelings change for the better.”

self-empowering statements

Say self-empowering statements right now

Whenever you find yourself in low energy or low vibration, instantly ask yourself this. ‘What is the most self-empowering sentence that you can say to yourself right now?’ Notice the change in the energy level and vibration. It is guaranteed to move up.
Initially, you may possibly get all righteous on yourself and will not be able to decide if it is ok to say these sentences. But what if you assume them to have manifested and to be true already, there are bigger chances that you can allow yourself to say these sentences to yourself. In case it is still difficult for you then, you can choose a general set of statements that are actually true but positive for you. It may or not be related to that situation at the time. Eventually, when you remember something empowering about the situation and is connected with you and the situation, you could pencil it down for future use.
An empowering statement can be an affirmation, a recognition, an appreciation, a prayer, something positive for you. It is just about anything that makes you feel good, better or elated.
When you ask yourself this one question, your whole mind-focus goes to this question and a search begins within for that sentence. You search your thoughts with your mind and your surroundings with your eyes and what you hear with your ears for clues that get you to the most empowering ones. While the mind cherry picks the best ones and dismisses all the others, you notice how your mind refuses to go off the non-critical zone. Do not give up. The very first sentence that is pleasing and one that is appealing to you, choose that immediately. Notice how you start feeling better energetically. Bring yourself to saying thank you after that and try to give yourself a smile.
The whole idea is not to ignore the present situation but to take a self-affirmative decisions that will benefit you now and in the long run. Staying in low vibration may bring you in a zone where you feel sorry for yourself, you will be critical of others and self and this might lead you make self-destructive decisions that could bring harm to you and to all that is associated with you.

When you think self-empowering thoughts;
# You start to gain perspective on what is possible and doable.
# You stay in the present instead of lingering into past or future.
# You begin a constructive and creative way to see your life solutions.
# Your energy is now saved and all this extra, new and high vibrational energy propels you to be at vibrational alignment with prosperity.

Self-empowering sentences are healthy for your mind and for your body and your space.

These may be practiced on regular basis so that when the situation is tough you are already empowered and just thinking of one or two sentences will bring you back to your healthy thinking level.
To practice the ‘empowerment exercise’, you could use post-it(s), print outs, recording audios or as a screen savours. For example, while you are on a treadmill you could stick an empowering saying that you could repeat to yourself from time to time during the exercise. You could sit in front of a mirror look into your eyes and repeat the empowering sentences. This really works very effectively when you do this early morning every day. You could memorise a few of these sentences and repeat while driving, cooking, typing or walking. While walking or working you could record some sentences that boost your morale and mood in your voice. Getting use to your voice is a good idea for that is the voice that is speaking in your mind. This will help in becoming friends with your voice.
You could write down beautiful sentences in a notebook and keep them ready. When you are stressed or you sense that you are unhappy about something, you could use this notebook and repeat those sentences.
The impromptu empowerment exercise has greater benefits. In the situation that is hurting or disturbing you ask this question, ‘What is the most self-empowering statement that you can say to yourself right now?’ Your mind de-focuses from the current situation and calms you. Permit your mind to do so. Support yourself by consciously doing the exercise. What you feel after this empowerment exercises is the feeling of empowerment. You are empowered.
This empowerment exercise is about building you up. You become respectable and loving towards yourself. There is a shift from being indecisive to a decision-maker. You trust your decisions. You stand up for yourself and you speak your mind in a way that it conveys what you truly mean. Experiences that you will now attract will get better and better. Fear reduces and motivation increases. Letting go and moving forward now is a possibility. Dependencies get converted into good co-dependencies.
This empowering exercise is for your personal growth. It has a ripple effect on all your life situations and entities in it.
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