The Success Mantra

The Success Mantra


The Success Mantra.
Step1: Define success for you.
It is always in two parts. (a) What is the requirement to get it? (b)What is the end product that you get that assures you that it has happened?
1 a. For some, it is hard work. Some it could be serving and feeling useful. For some, it is excellence and quality. For some, it is a strategy. For some, it is network, marketing, and mentorship. For some, it is their belief in the higher power, God, religious processes, fasting and donating.
1 b. For some it is money. Some it is safety/security. For some, it is the level of energy, vitality, and longevity. While for others creating great relationships.
Step2: Ask yourself, is this your definition or your care taker’s and influencer’s definition. If it agrees with you keep that else HEAL that.
When you were growing up if you were told that you need to be seen working/busy or doing something all the time even without proper guidance or plan, whilst showing you that the results you were getting were a form of failure then, you will grow up thinking that your success mantra is hard work or even looking/being busy. But the results will never satisfy you. Here you will have to work on being and feeling enough before you can decide on your own definition of success.

Similarly, if your influencers made you delegate and oversee jobs/tasks rather than letting you have hands-on experience to get the work done then and if you are curious about process and reinventing the wheel in innovative ways, you will never have good support system or you will drive them away as you will keep micro-managing, you will be critical of others contribution while being possessive and sensitive of your creative work. You will need to create a balance. Decide what you want to do to explore your creative self and when and what to delegate. You will have to learn to trust them and agree to co-create and be a team player before defining your definition of success mantra.
Step3: Re-define success as per your healed self. Hard work and/or Right effort and having confidence in your efforts. Managing and/or getting managed.
Step 4: Revisit steps 1 through 4. Keep repeating this till you can read through the definition with ease and can smile and breathe easy.
This is the energy that is required to fuel the manifestation of your success.

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Reena Yadav.

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