Honking is good?

Honking is good?

Honking is good?

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I was driving on a very busy road in the middle of one afternoon. I had decided to get back home sooner for some xyz reasons. The traffic was moving really slow. I was the right-side lane. When I am in traffic I either read affirmations, do tapping or change channels to hear music on the car radio.
After I got a channel with music I liked at that time, I started looking at other vehicles. In the same line, in the extreme left lane was a man who was dozing at the wheel. I saw his vehicle was slowly moving towards the two-wheelers right in front.

I honked. I saw him wake up. He applied brakes immediately. He looked in front, the traffic wasn’t moving. He put both his hands on the steering wheel. In the next few seconds, I saw his eyes started to close and head started to droop down. I honked again and this time for longer and more number of times. I gestured with my hand to the traffic around that all is well.

This time he woke up for good and it was a green signal and traffic started moving.

People do attention-seeking action in front of you. It could be irritating, frustrating, or hurtful. Of course, that is because it is inexplicably and at some level pushing your buttons to sensitive issues from your life. It is nagging/bother. Mainly because it brings to your attention of the situations that need your attention and your resolution. It is always in your favour. But, the person and the way it has been bought to you is mind-bogglingly bothersome. This brings up resistance, which keeps you from the noticing the message there.

You could choose to go past this and either take it as advice and take action. Else,  review what is in your own space and stand by it stronger. It is a choice.

I have always said that if something seems life-threatening and makes you feel insecure, run. You don’t need to wait to understand the message there.

Remember this, they are not always right. The message is not always exactly what is being said or done.  For example, if someone tells you, ‘maybe your path is not right.’ That could also mean that you need to take look at all that you are doing, let go self-doubt, hold enough gratitude for what you are doing, reaccess your confidence, and buckle up and continue. The message could be to ‘be clear and confident about your path.’

Reena Yadav. IADLife.


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