You did your best


You did your best.
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You did your best. Do not worry whether you are doing right or wrong. Just give it/in your all. Know that you did your best.
The nagging disturbing voice that you hear saying otherwise from within is the self-doubt. Taking this as rejection you may start stacking resentment towards your this voice.
So what exactly is this voice? What is it saying? It is distinctly a word. It is like someone is quietly telling you a stern ‘no.’ It is your logical conscious self that operates based on the statistical evidence(s) about you.
You are listening and believing it to be true. That’s how convincing it is. Because look at the timing of the information/word and the statistics of it coming true. Many times you almost wait for it, just when you are about to finish saying or asking for something.
When you don’t hear that ‘no’ you are relieved.
It is not your intuition.
To disintegrate, dilute, lessen and make it disappear say ‘I did my best, and I know it.’
Case study: ‘G’ was working from home that day. ‘G’ had finished with his morning routine and had two hours to spare before the office hours. Instead of doing the pending coding work, he decided to lie down for a bit and he fell asleep. He woke up just close to the office time.
Now he has two choices either to he could beat himself up and accuse himself of being a lazy procrastinator and waste rest of the next of the few hours feeling low. Or to get up boost himself up by telling himself that what he did was his best, get promptly to work and utilise the rest of the day productively.
He did not know that his body needed rest but his body was clear that rest was a requirement. If he did not sleep there was a possibility that he could either get lethargic in the day, his work would be affected, he would pump himself with mood boosters to stay awake and ultimately fall sick.
Given the parameters of your life at that point in time, you are always doing your best. Your only opportunity is to seize the next moment. The moment before is now your ‘past.’ Any action about the moment before has to help your present. If not, do not do that action.
Building yourself up by anyone else (thoughts, other people) or by your own self out loud supports in greater productivity and creativity.
This attitude will feed the conscious self and eventually your subconscious self that you deserve to be treated with morale-boosting/raising/elevating words. This will change the ‘word’ into something that makes you feel supported. ‘True’, ‘I agree’, ‘Right on’, ‘Correct’, ‘OK.’
You don’t need to spend your time justifying it to yourself. But in case you think it will help to explain to yourself do it in a respecting manner. It has to contribute to your productivity and creativity.

Reena Yadav. IADLife.


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