I am so full. I am so grateful.

I am so full. I am so grateful.

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I am so full. I am so grateful.
CaseStudy: ‘K’ had overeaten. Her tummy was full and she was feeling uneasy. She looked at all the food that was on the table and started to invisibly panic. Smiling at people but worrying about what to do with this. What about my diet? Who to share it with? Will they go to waste? Will they be missed after it has been given away? Being full is having more than enough. It can either cause resentment or it can cause acknowledgment and recognition of prosperity and abundance. There is always a thin sheet that demarcates that.
Some of you would know that abundance can be scary. It’s management. It’s availability. It’s persistence. It’s maintenance.
And it is unknown, no prior experience of it.
But the moment there is a dip in the abundance in anything, you get restless, nervous, fearful, and worried.
When you have a lot and you feel full your concerns are very different from when you feel less than full. Your concerns translate from your assessment of your ability to carry out the actions that you might need to take. At the feelings level,  however, it is the same.
Your lack of experience or know-how of managing abundance is the same as your lack of experience or know-how of managing paucity, at the feelings level. Both are low at the vibration level.
This is applicable in all areas in life – Health, Wealth and Love.
When you ask for abundance from your Universe, it checks your vibration level at which it was asked. If it had come from low vibration that is worried, sad, or scared then what you receive is lack and what persists is lack. And abundance does come to you it will come to you in a way that you will find it not-loving and/or not-easy to receive it and you will lose it.
Maybe the source of abundance is not to your liking.
Maybe the way you are being given is not pleasant.
Maybe there is a lot of tug of war from the allotment to actually receiving.
Maybe you are receiving bread crumbs, peace meal or much less than was agreed upon, expect or anticipate.
Maybe what you receive gets used easily and there is none left to enjoy.
And very soon you find yourself in the state of low vibration level asking. This can be changed.

The only thing you need to do is ask, affirm, pray or request at a higher vibration. But, how can you do that with the life situation where there is scarcity and no previous evidence, experience, training, or history of asking, receiving and enjoying abundance. How would you even pretend or act to be at a high level of vibration and then ask?
To change this, do this simple thing. Include the words, ‘thank’ and ‘you’, before any asking.
“Thank you for the abundance.”
Very soon, the words will start showing the miracle of it coming true. Eventually, this will make you happy as it is now doable and is yielding desirable results. This will raise your vibration. Voilà feelings aligned with receiving abundance at a high vibration.
Always keep asking. Universe has infinite ABUNDANCE.
Voila: exclamation. there it is; there you are.
Reena Yadav.IADLife.com

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