You don’t need to fight all the battles

You don’t need to fight all the battles.

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Of course, you are powerful but you don’t need to fight all the battles.
You have plans. You have a strategy for the best results. You care. You mean well. You want to do good. You want the credit too.
A mission, task, goal, and a job is always a conglomeration of responsibilities. Responsibilities could be direct involvement or indirect involvement. Recognise which are yours and do them only.
If you try to do someone else’s responsibility, you would be encroaching, interfering, causing confusion and wastage of resources.
You may not like everything or everyone that participate with you. You still do not need to be directly involved. In fact, that is precisely a good reason not to do everything yourself and be involved in everything directly. When there are inter personnel issues like animosity or ill feelings amongst people who are contributing to the same project, there is a possibility that there is more harm and delay rather than creative input.
Check with yourself, can you handle it, do you see growth, do you need to do it, do you feel safe? Then and only then get involved directly or even indirectly.
No one and nothing is questioning your passion, contribution, or potential. Set such worries aside and logically assess the resources required.
Delayer, divide, share, and delegate. Upon which do your bit, hands-on. For other responsibilities witness, consult, learn, monitor, mentor, guide, oversee or just share information.
When you do your part and allow others to do theirs then more gets done. You have time and space to do more in other areas. Your energy and effort can and will go to that and who is asking for it, really needs it, and where it will be most useful.

Reena Yadav.

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