Birthdate. Birthday.

Birthdate. Birthday.

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Birthdate. Birthday.

A celebration is always associated with ‘an achievement or an accomplishment.’ It is a happy occasion.  Deciding, choosing, and the way it’s celebrated is a personal choice. The birthday for many is one such occasion to celebrate.

I have always been a celebrator. I enjoy celebrating. I enjoy celebrating my birthday. I am excited the whole birthday month, I start announcing to anyone and everyone I meet and I ask for their blessings and wishes. I glow the whole day.
A college friend recently told me that I use to always offer her beverages while coming back from college expect for the month of my birthday when I would ask her to get home soon so that she can decide on my gift o birthday present.
When I was a kid I had invited all the people in the building of residence (condo) where we stayed. My parents had no idea. When they found out later my mother was attending a marriage party elsewhere and there someone asked her, ‘there is a party at your place, isn’t it?’ My mother rushed back home and arranged for the food, took out a new pair of clothes for me and my sister from the trunk under the bed and made preparations for the party.
I enjoy celebrating others birthdays too, giving them surprises and seeing them happy has always been my mission. I would make a card or dish (food item) and excitedly wait for their response.
During my graduation days, one of the professors shared with us that he gets very sad on his birthday. So I convinced my fellow students and celebrated his birthday and bought a cake by pooling money. As a thank you, I received the biggest piece of cake, which I readily accepted. When one of my classmates wanted to share my portion of the cake, I gestured to lick it so that I don’t have to give her.

When I started to study the human life in IADLife to understand the what, when, how and why of life, I was curious to know why I like this day so much. Why do I celebrate? Why does anyone like to celebrate this day? Here is the answer to this.
Before coming on this planet there is a conference, meeting, discussion between spirit masters and you. You choose what you wish to learn through your experiences while you stay on the planet. Accordingly, the entities that would contribute to this learning of yours are selected. All this happens with your consent. This is the very first decision that you have ever made. Everything happened for you and with your permission. This is the first time you experienced self-faith and self-conviction. This is self-confidence. So if you are here that means you trusted yourself with this decision. You had value for the learning and so you agreed. You loved yourself enough to know that you will always stand by yourself. You respected yourself because you knew you would always attract the support system that would cater to bringing fruition to fulfilling of the learning. You knew you would forgive yourself for all the missteps. You were grateful to yourself for this unparalleled opportunity. You knew that regardless of what life situations you attract you are worth celebrating.
So if you are one such person who enjoys celebrating birthdays then you really believed in your decision. If in case you have lost the birthday fervor and excitement. There is a good reason to that too.
After arriving on the planet the experiences and interactions start to alter your own perception towards you and thus your connection to you. You love, respect, value, trust, forgive and express gratitude to yourself according to suggestions to you, about you from anyone else but you. It may be the same or much less. This earthly derivations now determines your deservability and self-worth.
The quality of celebrations is now directly proportional to that.
When the celebrations are not at par with your expectations then you may be disappointed. Translation, ‘you do not want to have such an arrangement. You want more, different or better.’ Lack of understanding of this situation may cause attachment to the known but an aversion to the same known. Then, you will attract situations like ill health, relationships falling apart, financial crunch or your non-availability. People you are interested in will not turn up, will make a brief appearance or will be late, you will be left alone or you will be forced to be with people with whom you not really interested in celebrating with. Celebratory things like food, clothing, and fun stuff will not be there for you or will be subpar. All this happens just so that for you don’t subject yourself to same or similar experiences endured previously. But please duly note in actual the quality of your celebrations have not gotten better.

So, how to have the celebration you want and you are worthy of? Acknowledge and appreciate what is presently arranged. Look for what makes you happy. Derive satisfaction from them. You may choose to scale it (0 to 10). 10 being the ultimate satisfaction.Take complete responsibility for your happiness on your birthday. Give yourself permission to chalk out a clear and elaborate plan for your own birthday. Keep the plan both specific and general. Include in your plan only that what is important to you in terms of people, interactions, food, ambiance, outing, and any other experiences you desire. Or you could set intention that you enjoy the day and it keeps you in high vibration. Make fun, happiness, and growth/prosperity compulsory. Then, whatever happens on your birthday know that you have attracted, so find enjoyment within that.
Under all conditions do not be sad or get upset with yourself. When you are upset or sad you are criticising yourself for all that you are and all that you have in your space. This is you being angry with yourself and in that situation you are abandoning yourself. You do not want to do that especially on this day, that is, your birthday that comes just one day in a year.

As you focus on what makes you happy on this day it will start raising the quality of your celebration. It is a you-centric day. If taking care of others makes you happy, choose that for you. But, be clear that it is what you really desire for you.

Happy Birthday. Have a good one. Because you are worth it. You deserve it.
It is indeed a Deserving Life.

Reena Yadav.
References are taken from Dr. Brian Weiss’s body of work.
Interpretations by Reena Yadav.

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