Is Love the absence of fear?
How do you know what love is? Especially when you don’t know how it is supposed to feel as you are not sure if you have ever felt it before.
Communication is the key to manifestation. The language of communication is the vibration which is measured in frequency and is read through ENERGY.
In chakra lingo, the energy variation that you feel in the ‘heart chakra’ that resides in the center of your chest, tells you whether what you are feeling is fear or love. Love and fear are neighbors in feelings category. There is a borderline that separates them. It has hope on the fear side and Faith on the love side. The borderline is the knowledge and information about your worthiness and about the ways to make the transition. You have to hang on to the hope, use the information and cross over to reach love through faith.

The love that you seek is seeking you too.

Get clear on that love that you seek. So that you attract the right love. You are worthy of the love of the best’est’ kind and you definitely must have that. Focus only on that kind of love. Get a clear understanding of the love, the quality, the quantity, the intensity. Love is a co-dependency of the good kind. Differentiate it from the dependency-scarcity kind.
In both fear and love, your heart beats fast so you may get into a predicament causing self-sabotage even if love is coming to you or you have attracted it.
Choose your focal point your love focus and energy channeling to ‘your love life’, ‘ your love’, ‘your love relationship’, ‘your love connection.’ If you choose a person or thing other than you then, you are giving them all your hard-earned energy and you will see them/that happy and prospering and you may or may not be part of that. Being generous is good but being generous when you don’t have enough because you are not receiving is self-destruction out of self-pity and that will soon turn into self-resentment. That happens due to a lack of energy in you.
Self-assess or take help from an expert on why is this person or thing that important. Does it help you prove a point to someone? Was the past relationship too much of investment? Is it difficult or too much work or too much uncertainty to start afresh?

Case study: ‘N’ had been secretly in love with ‘R’ for a long time. She confessed to him when a situation presented itself. He seemed to be agreeing but he soon moved away. In her thoughts every time she wanted to disconnect with him, she would panic and would go back to thinking of him to keep herself calm. Her understanding was that there must be a divine plan because of which he had kept coming into her life. She thought of him intermittently. She ended up energizing him as she was connected with her thoughts and it was making her fall into low energy and vibration leaving her with a feeling, fear. She mediated and used her intuition to solve her situation. She had visions about him and got messages. One of them was ‘your boyfriend has a girlfriend.’ This left her nervous and she started to project desperate energy. She contacted him. After a couple of attempts, he told her over a chat messenger that he was involved and his life was good. She was hurt and enraged. This was due to the deprivation of energy.
There can be many what’s, why’s and what-if’s but the true answer is there was a lack of alignment.
You know this when you sense your energy. You feeling low. You feeling hurt. There is pain in the center of the chest. Your behaviors will include anger, irritation and/or frustration. All this because you are experiencing fear. Work on that. Change this feeling through tapping, counselling, mirror work, angel therapy. Do activities that bring you pleasure and joy.  Work on understanding, knowing, experiencing LOVE in your heart chakra.
Any of you can decide the love you wish to attract. Do you want your love to be difficult and a piecemeal or do you want to enjoy it in ABUNDANCE? Do you want to feel comfortable in your love life or do you want to walk on eggshells and survive in anticipation?
You deserve love. That’s the Gospel truth. Ask for a fulfilling one. Attract a fulfilling one.



2 thoughts on “Love is absence of fear

    1. IADLife Post author

      True. The case studies are simpliest way for readers to associate and connect their own life situations and apply the solutions. It gives courage. Thank you for your comment. I highly appreciate it. thank you thank you thank you.


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