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Benefiting Beliefs

Benefiting Beliefs

Benefiting Beliefs
What you feel as a Woman truly is reflective of your belief system about Women ingrained deep inside your mind in your subconscious mind.
Look closely what have you been experiencing from your environmental entities and in your life.

“You struggle to create a balance between caring for your home and devoting to your career or to your creative side.”
“You are feeling guilty and always comparing yourself with other caregivers.”
“Both in career and personal life you don’t feel achieved.”
“You are being asked to do the jobs or responsibilities you don’t like or don’t see any benefit in it for you.”
“Your relationships with people and non-people is abusive at some level.”

You have seen your mom do all the housework under all circumstances and was never promoted, appreciated and was dissuaded for earning money, while your father sat on the head of the family table with his word as the final decision because he earned.
You were not taught or allowed to say ‘No.’
Nothing you did was ever enough. There were discounts, excuses or alternate plans when it came to celebrating your accomplishments.
Your existence was never really celebrated.
You have been vehemently and repeatedly been instructed about your role based on your gender.
You were made to accept abusive behaviors as the norm.

Now know the facts, you are worthy of celebration just because you exist. Do not give up on yourself. Make your own goal plans. Accomplish your desires by making, checking and changing your beliefs into Benefiting Beliefs.

Love them. Don’t love them. You decide. For now, while assessing the belief system keep your emotions connected to your parents or other caregivers or influencers (TV, social media, books, lectures) in the love deposit box.
Now check what is happening in your life. How have they been dictating your desire manifestations? As soon as you get it, bring a huge grin on your face. This is you celebrating your ‘aaha’ moment. Gesturally bid them goodbye. Get clear as to what will help you and decide to be that.

For starters, these are mental work. As they are repeated with intensity and with love they become your new dictates.
Some pointers to know what to focus on.
If you have had food, shelter, clothing, while you were growing up. You will keep having them easily in your space.
If you have not had respect, recognition, approval, love, health, or safety you will see the scarcity of it in your life. You need to know that you deserve and you are worthy of having that. You can make changes in your thinking and thus beliefs to have that in your space.

Whatever you have had while growing up you will always have. To have what you did not have, you will have to change to have that. That is evolution.

In case you are still not clear on what you had, have or want, you try the following affirmations.

“I accept all my power as a Woman and I accept all my bodily functions as normal and natural. I love and approve of myself.”
“I am both powerful and desirable. It is wonderful to be a Woman. I love myself and I am fulfilled.”

These two affirmations from Louise Hay (You Can Change Your Life) sums up the answer to, ‘what Women want’ and ‘what Women could want.’

Look for blessings in being a Woman. What are you or what could you be grateful for? What did you learn from your experiences as a Woman? Get comfortable and like yourself as a Woman.

It does not make you mean. Compromising, laying low, selling yourself short, adjusting, negotiating just because of someone else’s beliefs is not the best expression of you. Benefiting beliefs help you be the best version of you. Your best self is the only one which is most useful to yourself and others.


Have a happy and healthy International Women’s Day. 8th March 2020.

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