I am Safe

Affirmation to replace fear with faith.
“I am Safe.”

This works like a charm. In hindi (Indian language) there is a term ‘Ram Ban’, implying it will work under all conditions and situations.
You care about someone then do not worry, just positively affirm. Your worry will keep sending the worry energy towards what you are focusing.
“He/she/it/we/I is/am/are happy, healthy and safe.”
This affirmation works in two ways, (a) it will keep you from attracting anything untoward, harmful, or not beneficial, (b) it gives you enough good/high energy to be able to be of service where you want to be or can be. This affirmation is like a blessings, positive words which mean well for who so ever they are directed to. They keep you in a high vibration, in this level you are always safe. It is a fact. Try it.
In the present situation of pandemic we all have a golden opportunity to access the inner beliefs and change the ones that have not worked.
The following Louise Hay Affirmation is also very effective and best suited for the present situation too.
“All is well. Everything is working out for my greatest and highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. We are safe.”
If you are a server and being useful makes you happy then that is all the more reason for you to be safe. You can be of any use only if you are available and approachable. You cannot be your optimum helpful self if you act with a fear of being unsafe. Mind is always on fight or flight mode. If you feed fear to your mind you will attract resistance and blockages in what you want to do for others or yourself. This is your mind’s way or keeping you safe. And if you still persists there is a very great chance that you will become unsafe.
Today the world needs you and all others who are wiling to do good. Your safety is prime. You deserve to be happy, healthy and safe.
So be safe and contribute.
# Iamsafe
Positive affirmation when said in a group or by many has a cumulative effect.
The effect multiplies when done in meditation or with concentration. So yes please share with many groups.

Reena Yadav. IADLife.com
Link : https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/2020/07/16/i-am-safe/

Next post : Safe: You know that you are safe when you know what it is to be safe and connect a good feeling with it.

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