Safe Self

Feeling Safe is a Habit.

Feeling safe is a habit. Similarly, feeling the opposite of that has come about through years of experiencing lack of safety but not having the complete knowledge, know how, and/or permission (from self or others) to know the difference and therefore lack of inability to identify, defend, admit/acknowledge.

Where, how, when did the lack of safety start to register in you?   In the mother’s womb, while you were growing up (conditional love) or much before that.
Feeling safe or unsafe reside both internally and externally. What does being SAFE mean to you, physically and emotionally?

Feeling unsafe is associated with fear. Fear causes insecurity. This is expressed as anger, frustration, irritation, physical and emotional stress.

For those who have had an experience of being safe, they may go back and recall that and attach and connect with a feeling. For those who don’t know even that, what do they do? You find out what your version of being safe is.

What kind of feelings do you connect with SAFE? Feeling of calm, not looking over your shoulders or from the corner of your eye, feeling satisfied, you don’t have to keep reciting your favourite deity’s name incessantly.

Roof over your head, clothes to wear, money in the bank, food to eat, you have education, and living with near/dear ones. Would you call yourself safe? How to find that out? Ask yourself a simple question. Are you satisfied?


Thank you. Reena Yadav. IADLife.
Next : Safe Others (coming up)

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