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Blessings Aligned

Blessings Aligned.
Blessings are like gifts. There has to be an alignment in giving and receiving of the blessings. 
Is what is being given right, enough, best? It has to feel so. Fact is there is always an alignment. It has weightage and is effective when there is an alignment between what is being given and what is meant to be asked (what you really want.) This alignment brings out high vibrational emotions. Satisfaction, happiness, excitement.
What you give or receive reflects your perception. If your perception is social/worldly/outside-oriented then, the same will be the attributes of your blessings. When your perception is of life development, satisfaction, encouragement, empowerment, approval so shall be the characteristics of the blessings. In other words, it is about how it will appear to the world (known and unknown) versus how it would connect with the actual receiver. It could be both.
Sometimes it can take time to feel the ‘good feeling’ for the blessings received. When it actually happens, embrace it. It took time. It’s fine. Have patience with yourself.
In case while giving or receiving there is only temporary elation, difficulty, irritation, or doubt feeling then, there is a misalignment.
All four of resources, time, money, energy, willingness are at play here. It caters to the material and/or non-material blessings. It is not a surprise or even unheard of when you are not able to part with your time, energy, willingness and/or your money. This is the cause of the misalignment. As a giver you know what needs to be given but one or more of the resources are not contributing or is missing. Same applies, as a receiver. You know what you want to receive but your attachment to ‘how’ of the receiving may cause this misalignment. Thus, will be the essence and the utility of the blessing.
It is neither dual nor equal responsibility of the giver and receiver. But it is responsibility of both the parties individually. And the shift towards effective alignment can be made by either party.
The way to shift the instances and feeling of non-aligned blessings towards an aligned one is by getting clearer and more specific in communication about the blessings with self and/or others. Be aware of your limitations. Be acceptant of what you have received in your space. Be in the knowing that you have the power to be grateful and also to give or ask for a better blessing.
Blessings are best received and expressed with feeling of gratitude. Enhancing the quality and specificity of receiving and giving stems from this feeling.   

Affirmation for giving: “This is what I know that could be useful and am willing to share/give. I intend that what I give and to whom I give be highly effective, useful, purposeful, joyful. May this be received well.”
Affirmation for receiving: “I am happy and grateful for all that I am receiving for only that which is beneficial for me will come to me. I let go the attachment on ‘how’ of the receiving of what I am asking. I intend that I ask what I want and receive it wonderfully.”  

Do not get offended, disheartened, discouraged or dissuaded when if you think you did not get it right or enough. Once you know that there is no alignment or misalignment you have a choice. You may choose to be honest with yourself and accept that, “this is what I gave/receive because this is all I want or am willing to give.” If you do decide to change then this is your opportune moment. Change.

 Another important point that will help in knowing the why of resource allocation is that, ‘you will always have easily what you have grown up having and you will have to make changes within to have what you received with effort or not at all.’ This example will help you understand this better, if you have grown up having roof over your head, food on the table, clothes then, you will continue manifesting receiving them as per your desire. If you have grown up receiving approval with effort or not at all, you will need to get clear on what your understanding of ‘approval’ is and then, change your internal programming to receive gestures of approval easily.

You may be pleased by a material or an uplifting comment. Whatever makes you feel good is an alignment. You can choose to have/receive both.

Next you could choose to ask for more or different.

Your perception of blessing giving/receiving is socially mentioned as ‘care.’ But, it is more than care. It is about life enhancement. Orient the blessings alignment towards that. Best blessings are the aligned blessings.
You enjoy your aligned blessings and this also increases your faith in your manifestations being on the right track.   

Reena Yadav. IADLife.