Continuity in help


Anything is complete and concrete when you know it is in continuous supply. There is confidence in its availability in time of need. Support, help, and healing is like that and is a requirement for life. The receiver and giver of the healing solutions come into each other’s space when there is an alignment. When the receiver and giver evolve or decide not to at the same time period or stage then that is when there is non-alignment or misalignment. It is here that there is a change in either party’s existence, contribution, and participation in each other’s space.
My observation is that emotional or mental life situations require more support. In fact, that applies to all that is not visible to your peers and your society. Many of you and the majority of the time you mind your life as per and because of peer-view and peer-pressure. If your subconscious programming is that of, not being good enough then it is certain that you have never been able to receive approval easily, kindly, or lovingly. Anything that remotely looks like help and support has been told to you to be an indication of weakness. And weakness is not an option or an attractive attribute by the law of any jungle and of human too. You don’t attract help. If you do decide to and you are unaware of the internal programming then the help you attract is not the kind you will be able to benefit from. It will be phony, attacking, condescending, not reliable, piecemeal, and/or derogatory. It will seem that it gets the work done but it will leave with what is lower than expected and the signal is a very bad feeling. You will have all the convincing right reasons to leave that but the same or similar will keep visiting your space. If the help and support are better one, that is kind, loving, patient, gives you a good feeling, and is benefiting you then either the support moves away or you stop taking/going to them. Thus creating a vicious circle of -‘issue getting help’, ‘followed by sabotage by self or otherwise,’ culminating into a whirlpool of hurt, negative beliefs, lack, and bad-dependencies.
The circle breaks for each one who does not give up. The circle breaks for each one who has continuity in receiving and accepting help. Eventually, you are able to give yourself permission to let go, change or tweak the old, ragged, non-benefiting, harmful, and limiting belief system. Once the pattern starts to break the changes are evident in one to each and every area of your life in any way that you can notice or are made to recognise.
The only way this is a possibility is that there is a continuous supply of help. There is continuity in receiving and accepting help. To keep on attracting, finding, continuing with the practice of desired right perfect help and support is your responsibility. After all you the prime, most integral, and important help and support for yourself. Rest are contributors. The confidence that you will provide you (even making arrangements by utilising your resources), with continued healing speaks volumes of empowerment, encouragement, and motivation.

For continuous help and support, I teach and do the following:

(1) Facebook or WhatsApp group individual or group monitored by an expert.

(2) Conducting regular workshops that inculcate the practice of self-reliance and trains gradually and seamlessly to do so. These workshops are online. (a) Tapping and more. (b) Gratitude practice of 28 days by Rhonda Bryne. (c) Number and topics of group discussions scheduled as per the group dynamics. (d) One on one session(s) can be booked too. (e) Meditation sessions.

Costing is decided and communicated beforehand. If something is not conducive you must find out a flexi-plan with your counsellor in time, understanding, or money.

Remember this is an investment for you and for people you interact with and for all that you influence in your life. Some processes and methods that have been included to promote continuity in healing: (1) Healing motivated: A scheme introduced by me and IADLife to motivate everyone to book sessions. (2) Sponsors: Anyone who can sponsor anyone known or complete stranger can do that, making the payments directly to the IADLife. (3) Paying forward: Anyone you desire to pay for

someone while having  experienced  the gain of the healing joy from IADLife services.   

I suggest never take a break. change the process, schedule even what you follow but CONTINUE.

Reena Yadav. IADLife.

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